What is app marketing?

App marketing services help introduce new users to your mobile application, driving interest and engagement and turning leads into conversions.

At M&C Saatchi Performance, we place great emphasis on the testing and measurement of our mobile app marketing strategies, to provide you with insights that you can use to improve your future marketing efforts.

Through effective strategies and clever optimisation, mobile app marketing aims to attract the largest number of users to your mobile offering. With over 6 billion smartphone users worldwide, app marketing agencies offer a fantastic opportunity to spread brand awareness for your business.

The benefits of app marketing

Insights into user behaviour

The average smartphone user spends 4 to 5 hours per day using mobile applications. With users logging so much screen time, app marketing experts can create detailed reports on user behaviour, which allow your business to tweak mobile products to be more attractive to the target market.

Specific audience targeting

App marketing is perfect for targeting a highly specific demographic. Smartphone users create hundreds of data points – everything from content preferences to their age, location, and occupation. You can turn this data into actionable information by partnering with an accomplished app marketing agency.

Platform-specific strategy

Traditional marketing allows businesses to target a specific demographic, but an effective app marketing strategy provides solutions for businesses to be even more particular. We identify the differences between operating systems and optimise your strategy to appeal to specific users and devices.

Our app marketing services

Media planning & buying

Our omnichannel media planning and buying service has enormous reach — we can source ad space globally, no matter the device. Whether you operate in a traditional or innovative vertical, we can create a media planning and buying strategy for you.

Market insights

We’ll provide insights on upcoming market and consumer trends, as well as completing a competitor analysis, so you can adjust your business plan accordingly. What’s more, we can identify the best performing media channels per audience, so you can ensure quality leads continue to come in.

App Store Optimization

We’ll thoroughly audit your storefront and create a prioritised list of improvements to be made. We’ll also perform keyword research, ensuring your optimised storefront gets seen by relevant audiences.

Marketing for APK downloads

As well as traditional app marketing, we can support apps that are not present on the app store because of various regulations (for instance, we can market online betting applications that are not supported by either Apple Store or Google Play).

Measurement and attribution

We help brands pick the best Mobile Measurement Platform for their needs, they can ensure correct attribution. To guarantee accurate measurement, we also utilise the latest fraud prevention methodologies.

Daily reporting

We are a data-driven marketing agency, so we’ll provide daily reports on the performance of your app marketing.

Creative and content support

We can provide support to your creative team to ensure your marketing strategy has access to high-quality content.

Why choose us as your app marketing agency?

We are app marketing experts, with over 16 years of experience working on the marketing strategies of several leading applications. Our time in the industry has also allowed us to cultivate an extensive trusted partner network, which we constantly review to ensure partners are providing the best app marketing services for our clients.

Extensive planning and research forms the core of our app performance marketing solutions. Our market analysis offers a holistic view of your product’s performance, avoiding fragmented, disparate data that can be difficult to understand or use effectively. Because we prioritise testing and measurement, we know the Mobile Measurement Platforms on the market and can advise on which one suits your needs to ensure attribution is done correctly.

Additionally, we understand exactly how to help your business scale. We’ll take into account the level of brand awareness that exists for your app, then implement that information in the creation of a full-funnel app marketing strategy. We can support your growth whether you’re just starting out or already have a well-established audience.

Our app marketing process


We understand that thorough planning is the key to long term success. That’s why we always include action planning sessions as part of strategies, where we help you identify the right demographics  for your app and the tactics you can use to target that audience effectively.


Our measurement process has two key aspects. We implement tracking systems that can provide a wide variety of data points and use predictive modelling to understand how basic information like sales and downloads translate into more valuable data like retention and lifetime value.


Testing and evaluation occurs throughout our campaigns, which is why we establish a comprehensive testing program prior to launch. Our testing focuses on optimising your app marketing for business growth — we’re specifically looking for results significant enough to help scale a campaign.

Our clients

Our industry accolades

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Frequently Asked Questions

Our agency has extensive experience running effective, targeted, app performance marketing strategies for some world leading apps. Our data-driven approach and our well-established relationship and understanding of partners and MMPs enables us to design impactful campaigns for each client’s needs. In an ever-evolving digital media industry, we adopt an agile approach to developments and changes while remaining tech agnostic.

App marketing is an integral part of a brand’s marketing strategy to drive business growth.

Some of the most used app marketing KPIs include: Cost Per Install, Cost Per Registration, Cost Per Action (Purchase, Ride, Subscription, etc), Cost Per First Action (Purchase, Ride, Subscription, etc).

According to our experience, a combination of organic growth and paid media proved to perform best. We support brands with their app store optimization, creatives, partner integration and run media strategies based on relevant target audiences. For paid media, we recommend leveraging on channels like Facebook, Google, TikTok and Apple Search. However, there is no one solution that fits all. We take time to understand your brand and define together the best approach to take.

In order to adopt a data-driven approach to marketing, it is important to have an agnostic view of data and thus, it is key for brands to choose the right MMP (Mobile Measurement Platform) for their needs.

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