What is influencer marketing?

Influencer marketing involves asking content creators to leverage their position as social influencers. In influencer campaigns, creators feature your brand in their online content and help grow your brand awareness or revenue via endorsements and advertising. 

At M&C Saatchi Performance, we’re dedicated to finding the right audiences for your brand and creating ever-evolving strategies to target them in the most impactful way. We can promote your content wherever your ideal audience spends their time online, including TikTok, Instagram, YouTube, and more.

Our Influencer Marketing Services

At M&C Saatchi Performance, we assist our clients at every stage of the setup process, from finding and briefing the influencers that align with a campaign’s creative strategy to content management and paid media. Our services include:

Product placements and service demonstrations

We build your reciprocal endorsements by working with influencers to place your products or feature your services in their posts, building trust with your brand, and increasing awareness.

Talent management & contracting

We source and manage the right social influencers and content creators for your brand, fitting in with your brand voice and ensuring your business connects with the right people. We take care of everything, from negotiating pay to writing and finalising talent contracts.

Creative strategy

We guide the production process by providing talent with in-depth marketing briefs that include content guidelines and sample concepts, so their messaging matches your brand.

Audience research

We conduct extensive market and competitor research to completely understand the space you’re in and your audience’s characteristics to find the right influencers for your brand.

Customer journey

We map out the customer journey from end to end, understanding their buying strategies to identify social influencers and content that best suits their needs.

Content creation partnerships

Your goal may not always be to influence an audience. If you’re simply looking for content creators that can create high-performing media for specific social platforms (TikTok, for instance), we can facilitate those partnerships. We can also further boost the content those creators produce with paid media.

In-depth Reporting

We’re data-driven by nature. We’ll track, measure, and analyse your influencer marketing strategies to find opportunities for growth and development.

The benefits of our Influencer Marketing Services

We have a team of expert influencer marketing professionals who are perfectly placed to develop and execute campaigns that drive performance, trust and loyalty for your brand. Some of the key benefits of working with our agency include:

Data-Driven Approach

Our work is backed up with data at every stage, from the initial research to post-campaign analytics. We provide full visibility on every influencer campaign, showing you our thought process for each decision that is being made and the data to back it up. We can create tailored reports to match your individual KPIs and goals, as well as make recommendations for future influencer campaign opportunities.

Tailored strategies

We know that many of our clients aren’t just looking for engagement on their campaigns – they’re looking for downstream metrics. They want to see this engagement translate into website visits and qualified leads. To give you a bird-eye view of how these campaigns are meeting your set objectives, we implement strategic tracking that can follow influencer campaigns end-to-end, driving your KPIs and secondary actions.

Compliance focus

Compliance is a huge deal in influencer marketing and it goes beyond making sure content is posted with the appropriate disclosures. We also ensure creators are complying with the campaign briefs and keeping brand safety in mind.

Why choose us for Influencer Marketing?

We know that the influencer marketing space is cluttered, so performance marketing expertise is key to getting the best possible results. 

Our creator discovery platform allows us to plug in audience metrics you require, finding the right influencers for your brand under almost any category you wish—for instance, age, follower count, or geographical location. We can then filter for more niche interests like ‘Home’, ‘Parenting’, ‘Personal Finance’, ‘Pets’ and more. We spend lots of time reviewing different influencer accounts, conducting due diligence and mapping out the best partners for your campaign.

We place our clients at the centre of everything we produce and align our recommendations with their brand goals. Our broad range of specialisms enable us to connect you with suitable influencers to boost your brand’s reputation.

We always strive to create positive experiences for our clients and the influencers we work with, so our briefing and content creation guidelines are streamlined accordingly. We find the right balance between creative freedom and business interests, ensuring minimal revisions so content is fresh and engaging.

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Frequently Asked Questions

We are an award-winning media agency with a wealth of knowledge in providing effective, targeted, data-driven campaigns for our clients. Our focus is on your success.

Influencer marketing can be an incredibly effective way to drive awareness and leads for your brand as it relies on trust and authenticity; two things that are particularly important with modern audiences.

The most common KPI would be post engagement, typically likes + comments + shares divided by views, and comparing the engagement rate against platform benchmarks. If there is a link provided (e.g. link in bio), we may also be able to track conversions and measure the efficiency of each post. With paid media, we can also track impressions, clicks, view-through rate, and conversions. Brand lift studies can also be secured if awareness is the KPI.

While you can launch an influencer campaign on almost any channel, we find that the most effective tend to be on TikTok because of being new and not overly cluttered with sponsored ads.

We spend a lot of time ensuring we match you with the right influencers for your brand and campaign. However, if there’s anything you’re not happy with, just speak to an account team member and we can resolve this for you.

We understand that some brands prefer to have complete visibility at every stage of the process, while others prefer to let us take the reins. You can have as much or as little involvement as you wish. In case you wish to be involved, you can approve the influencers participating in a campaign, the briefs and concepts before they are shared with influencers and also posting dates.

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