What is programmatic advertising?

Programmatic advertising provides brands with a quicker, more insightful alternative to the traditional, old-fashioned digital advertising model. At its core, programmatic advertising uses software to buy digital advertising through a real-time bidding process.

With programmatic advertising, ad space is purchased through clever machines and intuitive algorithms, helping you get a better return on your ad spend (compared to traditional methods) and giving you complete control of your targeting. Along with our global network of partners, we are advocates of clients’ media spends, and active in the fight for transparency, and against ad fraud.

Programmatic Advertising

The benefits of programmatic advertising

Programmatic advertising automates digital marketing, offering you a vast array of benefits when it comes to managing your advertising processes. These advantages include:

Increased efficiency in your advertising

With real time bidding and automated optimisation capabilities, programmatic advertising drastically increases the speed of buying media with efficiency.

Optimise and target audiences in real time

Access to real-time data means that we’re able to make changes and optimisations at the drop of a hat, reaching wider audiences and increasing conversions.

Campaigns across channels and devices

Programmatic advertising makes it a lot more convenient to create multichannel marketing campaigns, spreading your message across channels and devices.

Our Programmatic Advertising Services

We have been working in the programmatic advertising space since 2012, so we’re adept at quickly establishing what marketing will work best with your audience. Any guidance we provide can be tailored to your particular brief, but we commonly offer the following services:

Omnichannel solution

We can target any screen or device that has access to the internet. We work with solutions and technology partners that allow us to buy quality media spaces and verify audiences regardless of which environment they’ve been captured in.

Data-led audience targeting

We carry out extensive back-end strategy and planning research before starting any campaign, meaning we have complete confidence in our target audiences.

Campaign management & optimisation

We use our trading expertise to optimise campaign budget and work towards agreed campaign results.

Campaign measurement & reporting

We take data and reporting seriously. All the information you could need for your campaign is consolidated into one easy-to-understand report with statistics against your agreed KPIs and goals.


Whether you need a fully managed service, looking to in-house the tech, expand into a new DSP, or advising an in-house team our programmatic experts can help you achieve your goals.

Ad operations & technical integrations

We have access to all the systems and processes we need to support the management and delivery of your advertisements.

Audience & market insights

Real-time data allows us to constantly review and analyse your audience segments, giving you a heightened insight into who you are targeting and potential new marketing groups.

Our programmatic
in-housing capabilities

Fully Managed

A full-service solution from our programmatic specialists offering activations across 30+ tech vendors.


Your own licenced DSPs or a combination of yours and ours DSP licenses. All managed by our trading experts.

Ad Hoc

Project based programmatic consultancy by our experts.

Why choose us for Programmatic Advertising?

We pride ourselves on our focus on data and the efficiency this brings to our results. Some of the benefits that you can expect when you work with M&C Saatchi Performance on your programmatic advertising are:

Better Returns On
Your Ad Spends

Our experience enables us to maximise your budget through our strategic testing plans, so you will never pay more than you need to. Our specialists use their strategy and planning experience to ensure we always buy the right inventory from the billions available, minimising waste and maximising budgets.

Complete Control Over
Your Targeting

We use multiple technologies to improve targeting accuracy for our clients’ campaigns, allowing us to create unlimited segments. We also work with flexible partners that can build the features we need, meaning we can always provide custom prospects for our clients, no matter their requirements.

Full Analytics of
Your Results

We are the experts our clients’ turn to when it comes to data. As a standard practice, we provide all our clients with completely transparent, tailored reporting at every stage of the campaign evaluation process, enabling you to review programmatic ad performance against your chosen performance indicators.

Our clients

Our industry accolades

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Frequently Asked Questions

We have extensive experience running programmatic advertising strategies for some world leading brands. Our focus is on your success. We take time to understand your objectives and develop a customised data-driven approach to reach your audiences through innovative and efficient media placements.

Programmatic advertising provides brands with more efficiency, targeting and scalability than traditional marketing methods utilising real time bidding through automated AI and machine learning inputs.

While we can tailor our reported KPIs depending on your requirements, the specific data points that we look at include impressions, clicks, reach, viewability, conversions, revenue and ROAS.

We use multiple technologies from in-built DMPs to external analytics tools alongside historical learnings to build targeting capabilities for our clients’ campaigns. We have a considerable amount of knowledge in this space and use it to ensure a positive ROI.

We serve programmatic ads across all platforms, from App and Web to CTV and DOOH, across any open publishers’ inventory or through pre-agreed private deals. Programmatic inventory has complete publisher transparency, so you’ll be able to report on the domain/app/site your advert appears to the individual impression.

Campaign optimization happens automatically and manually. While DSPs automatically optimise to every touch point available based on the set KPI, we manually look into the granular details of each campaign, analysing reports on publishers, audiences, geo and dozens of other touch points assisting the DSPs internal optimisations.

We’re completely DSP agnostic and are continually reassessing our media mix to ensure we’re working with the most relevant, efficient and effective technologies.

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