What are market insights?

At M&C Saatchi Performance, we ensure that every decision we make is backed by data and proven in its effectiveness. Using a range of data sources, we build detailed profiles on your audiences’ characteristics and preferences and translate these insights into actionable marketing advice.

Over the years, we have accumulated a repository of knowledge resources that helps our team in not just understanding how performance marketing has come of age, but also in staying ahead of the upcoming trends. Our expert team is well equipped to consult clients across industries and categories which gives us ample room to try out fresh ideas to meet all your business requirements.

The benefits of market insights

Our insights allow us to create comprehensive campaigns tailored to your business objectives and KPIs for a great ROI. We maximise your budget and offer complete transparency throughout with high quality reports.

Connect With Your Audiences Effectively

Market insights help in finding out every little detail about your audiences, from their attitudes and habits to what products and services they want. This way, you can deliver personalised campaigns, instead of a ‘one size fits all’ approach.

Reduce the time spent in Concept Testing

Market insights play a crucial role in mitigating the risks associated with building new concepts, understanding the wants and needs of your audiences and developing new products and services that are based around them.

Expand into new markets or verticals

The more you know about your audience and competition, the better placed you are to explore new markets for future expansion. It also gives you the insights you need to launch new products or services and increase your market share.

Our Market Insights Services

Opportunity Evaluation

We scope out opportunities within the market, giving you clear insights into areas that are likely to work best for your brand.

Competitive Analysis

We examine competitors within your space and map out the best areas for your business to build successful marketing campaigns.

Audience Analysis

We break your audience down into key segments, helping you understand how to align your campaigns with their wants and needs.

Industry News & Market Analysis

We do all the heavy lifting when it comes to understanding what is going on in your industry, providing you with all the information you need in the business decision-making process.

Why choose us for Market Insights?

Actionable Insights

After thoroughly understanding your brand, competition, and the market that you plan on targeting, we develop a framework and a strategic plan to meet your goal or solve your specific challenges.


In-depth Reporting

Data is at the core of everything we do and the reports that we create will give you all the insights you will need to understand your audience and make informed decisions about your business strategy.

Expert Media Team

Leverage a pool of deep expertise by passing on the insights derived from the project to our seasoned media experts that are capable of setting up a robust media strategy for all your needs.


Consultancy Services

At M&C Saatchi Performance, we execute end-to-end strategies on your behalf, freeing up your time and resources to focus on other important areas that are crucial for scaling your business.

Our Market Insights Capabilities


We design a comprehensive communications strategy that identifies your target audience and how to reach them online with your positioning and brand values. We carry out in-depth consumer and competitor analysis, category analysis, and trend spotting processes to fully understand your target audiences, their path-to-purchase, potential marketing trends, and the best mediums to approach them on.


Our research & insights team acts as the agency’s think-tank on all things trending in the performance marketing domain for a diversified set of industries. We are capable of generating incredibly detailed reports and thought leadership articles on a bi-monthly basis that are developed to give invaluable insights into relevant topics and trends globally. Take a look at some of our recent reports.


We build roadmaps to guide businesses in achieving their goals and find solutions to overcome challenging obstacles. Our consultants start with understanding and identifying your brand within the wider industry landscape. We then translate our findings into a framework that accomplishes your business goals. Once we have developed a plan, we work closely with other business groups to execute it.

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Frequently Asked Questions

We are an award-winning media agency with a wealth of knowledge in understanding audiences globally and providing actionable insights that help to build and develop brands.

We provide brands with any type of insight needed to achieve or improve their digital marketing performance goals. This can include market, customer, competitor, and strategic analysis.

We are mad about data, which is reflected in the reports we deliver to our clients. All our reports show the most relevant KPIs and trends, and break information down into easy-to-understand segments, bringing data to life.

The insights we provide feed into marketing campaigns, giving all the background information needed to make campaigns successful. We believe that consumer insights are the first steps to building impactful media strategies.

In short – we can track everything through a range of reporting templates tailored to our client’s requirements.

Absolutely. Customer segmentation is a huge part of what we do. We often find that our work helps extrapolate our client’s existing understanding of their customer base, giving them a broader audience to target, and increase their engagement potential.

We understand that some brands prefer to have complete visibility at every stage of the process, while others prefer to let us take the reins. You can have as much or as little involvement as you wish when it comes to building the right reporting for your business.

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