What is search engine marketing?

Search engines use algorithms to bring back the most relevant results for any search, with paid ads appearing right at the top of the page. Search engines like Google use an auction function to determine which ads should be placed for each search result, based on how much the company is willing to bid for a term and the searcher’s intent.

Search Engine Marketing comprises a mix of both paid advertising and organic Search Engine Optimisation to rank higher on the search engine result pages. At M&C Saatchi Performance, our expert team of search engine marketers has a breadth of experience in successfully executing highly effective search engine marketing campaigns across Industries & Categories on various search platforms.

Search Engine Marketing

The Benefits of
Search Engine Marketing

Fast Results

After your campaign has been set up correctly, you can start seeing results as soon as your ad is live. PPC is an ideal strategy for optimising web traffic, leads and conversions, as users searching with your keywords usually have a higher intent.

Selective Targeting Opportunities

Personalise campaigns to target specific audience segments. There are geographical and demographic targeting solutions that ensure your ads are only seen by the right people. Retargeting campaigns allow you to create tailored messages and calls to action that ensure your customers are enticed to revive their journey from where they left off.


Increased web traffic

With effective ad campaigns, anyone who clicks on the ad will be sent directly to your website. From here, you can direct them on any journey you like, either taking action straight from the landing page or navigating through your site further.

Full transparency

Search engines provide instant access to all of the information you need to understand the success of your campaign, including top-performing keywords, click-through rates, impressions and conversions. We distil all of this information into a handy report so you understand everything at a glance.

Our Search Engine Marketing Services

At M&C Saatchi Performance, we can advise across all stages of your customer lifecycle, including awareness, acquisition and activation stages. Our search engine marketing agency offers:

Google, Bing, Yahoo, Apple and DDG search ads campaigns

Our SEM solutions involve all the top search engine providers, so your ads can be positioned across the platforms that will deliver the most impact for you.

Search query analysis & negative keywords

Our rating system provides intelligent reporting and insights into the keywords and search phrases you should focus on in your campaigns.

Lead generation

We drive high-quality and cost-effective leads with our campaigns, scaling your brand effectively and sustainably.

Landing page optimisation

We provide expert advice on creating targeted landing pages that convert.

Acquisition metrics

Our detailed data and analytics give you insight into your best keywords, visitor click-through rates, impressions, and customer lifetime value (CLV) scores.

Budgeting & campaign optimisation

We carry out extensive testing using various methodologies (i.e. Google Experiment) to optimise your budgets and generate the best results possible.

Why choose us as your search marketing agency?

Our search engine marketing services focus on getting your brand in front of your customers, growing your audience engagement and maximising your ROI. Our award winning agency comprises a specialist SEM team, ensuring your paid search campaigns always adhere to the most effective best practices. Our benefits include:

Structured and Focused Campaigns

We conduct a lot of analysis, and test-and-learn strategies to build search engine marketing campaigns that we know will get the best results. We comb through client websites to ensure we fully understand their value proposition, using our in-house copywriting team to translate this into content that will convert.

Sustainable Growth

Quick wins are great, but there’s nothing that can replace sustainable business growth that you can rely on. We champion the long-term health of your business by creating high impact search engine marketing campaigns that can grow gradually as your business does over a period of time.

Search Ads 360 Expertise

We are experts in Search Ads 360, a tool that provides built-in integration to a single platform, enabling you to manage multiple campaigns across Google, Bing and Yahoo – in one place. Among other benefits, it also allows for automated strategies and tools such as bidding and inventory management.

Data-Driven Decisions

Our SEM agency is entirely driven by data, and we are truly passionate about offering transparency in our services. If you’re unclear on any of our recommendations, we can walk you through our methodology and help you understand how our strategy translates into KPIs to your benefit.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Our agency has proven experience driving search engine marketing campaigns for global brands. We are an award-winning media agency with a wealth of knowledge in providing effective, targeted, data-driven campaigns for our clients. Our focus is on your success.

Search engine marketing mainly comprises text ads and Shopping Ads that appear on top of the search engine result pages. Furthermore, Google has recently introduced the multi-search feature where users get an option to carry out searches using images clicked through the google lens on their mobile devices. This feature is expected to be a game changer and will offer newer opportunities for brands to unlock. Whilst these are key areas of our campaigns, our SEM solutions cover every aspect of paid search to deliver the best results.

Search engine marketing typically has the best conversion rates and cost per action as audiences flocking to search engines have already demonstrated a high interest in the product / service being searched for.

Search engine marketing is usually used to address mid funnel to low funnel marketing objectives

  • Consideration – Page Views, Registration
  • Conversion – Sales, Purchase

All our campaigns are customised as per the requirements of our clients. Keyword research and ad copy creation makeup for the bulk of the preparation time. It typically takes about 7 – 10 working days from receiving a brief and is dependent on client approval of keywords and ad copies.

This is dependent on the industry, product category, keyword search volumes and search engine marketing services required. The cost is generally higher for product categories having stiffer competition over the digital spectrum.

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