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We are a full-service digital media agency connecting brands with today’s connected consumers across the globe. Our digital strategies are tailored to your business’ needs, and are designed to deliver measurable ROI through online media channels. We’ve worked with some of the world’s leading brands, producing impactful campaigns across a variety of channels. Our team constantly measures performance, optimising and scaling strategies based on data.

We know that capturing consumers’ attention is a complex task, with a growing number of digital touchpoints to consider. We’re also in the age of data privacy, contending with the likes of Apple IDFA, Android Sandbox, and GDPR. As experts in this evolving landscape, we can help you to navigate these changes with confidence.

Our growth marketing consultants have a proven track record of success. With experts ranging from planning and buying to search and social, our team’s combined skill sets allow for a comprehensive approach to business growth. Together, we can help you formulate an effective growth strategy which focuses on the marketing funnel as a whole, from brand awareness to retention. We fuse data with innovation to help you hit your growth goals.

What is Growth Marketing?

Growth marketing encompasses anything and everything which enables a brand to scale from X to 2X to 4X. At M&C Saatchi Performance, our growth marketing team is made up of planning, buying, creative, app store optimisation, programmatic, search and social experts. These talented individuals combine their skill sets to extract maximum value for clients. Serving both traditional and innovative verticals, our marketing strategies deliver a reliable return on advertising investment.

What can our growth marketing services do?

Research and
data analysis

To give you that added edge in your respective market, we conduct in-depth research on your competition, market and brand to thoroughly understand your brand values and business model.

Define your
growth goals

Our growth marketing strategies begin and end with your business goals. We’ll conduct workshops with you and your team to understand your needs and build a strategy around the objectives you wish to achieve.

Improve your
organic growth drivers

To strike the right balance in your marketing strategy, we start by making sure that your brand is self-sufficient on the organic growth front, before diving deep into a host of paid media opportunities.

Maximise the right
paid media channels

We test and validate all channels to find what works and what doesn’t, ensuring your brand is seen by the right customers at the right time to have a strong impact on your business outcomes.


Keeping both short term and long term goals in mind, we create engaging campaigns and content specifically tailored to your target market, capturing the value of your key propositions in compelling detail.

What makes an effective growth marketing strategy?

An effective growth marketing strategy takes the combination of optimising well-performing organic growth drivers (including SEO, ASO, creatives) with the right attribution partners and paid media channels.

Growth marketing puts people first. With a customer-centric approach, attracting new customers while engaging and retaining existing ones is the top priority in any successful growth marketing strategy.

We’ll create a bullet-proof growth marketing strategy that will nurture leads, grow your revenue and increase your customer base.

What does the process look like?

Sticky notes on a whiteboard


Creating an effective growth marketing strategy takes careful planning, actionable goals and expert guidance. That’s where we come in.

We start by exploring your organic growth drivers. This process involves a careful investigation of your tech and martech platforms (including your mobile measurement partners and CRM), an analysis of your creative team, and an audit of your ASO and SEO strategy. It’s crucial to understand your current marketing infrastructure before looking into paid media opportunities.

Once your organic growth is self-sufficient, we’ll begin analysing the right paid media options for your business with the aim of improving conversion rates and increasing awareness. With a wealth of experience behind us, our team can help you discover the best growth strategy to drive your brand forward.

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