What is Twitter Advertising?

Twitter is one of the world’s leading social media platforms that hosts dynamic conversations on everything from politics and history to finance and science.

Businesses can advertise on Twitter by sharing compelling content and paid social ads to attract user interest and generate leads. Brands can choose from various targeting methods and ensure their ads are noticed by their target audience.

The Benefits of Advertising on Twitter

Twitter is a unique social platform that offers brands a range of benefits, including:

Leading Online

Twitter is home to some of the largest online communities for things like science and technology, skincare, financial services, and many more. Businesses can contribute to or create hashtags and share content that piques audience interest easily.

Compelling Ad

Twitter lets you share sponsored tweets, text-based ads, images, videos and more, meaning you can share hyper-consumable content ready for viewers. Users can even reply to ads, allowing you to foster organic engagement with your brand.

Brand Discovery Through
Curated Feeds

Twitter curates trending topics to help users stay up to date on the latest developments on major issues across the world. This feature helps users in discovering branded content by a great degree as they spend more time on the social platform.

Our Twitter Advertising Services

Our Twitter ad solutions are part of our Paid Social advertising services that includes:

Market insights and audits

We analyse your previous advertising to see what’s worked and draw from external market insights to understand potential next steps.

Twitter advertising

We oversee every step of advertising on Twitter, including campaign development, budgeting and bid management, creative production and more. From Sponsored Tweets, Trend and Timeline Takeovers to Amplify Sponsorships, we’ve got you covered.

Digital strategy

We build comprehensive campaigns via retargeting, segmentation and cross-device delivery to ensure your campaign is highly optimised at all times.

Data reporting & analysis

We deliver full transparency and provide regular updates on your campaign performance, so you always know what’s going on.

KPI and goal measurement

We benchmark the success of each Twitter campaign against your campaign objectives, so you can understand your success throughout.

Why choose us as your Twitter Advertising Agency?

Innovative Twitter Strategies

We’re skilled in creating impactful Twitter ad strategies. Drawing from our experience of working with Twitter as an advertising tool, we know what works best on the platform for your brand.

Granular Reporting

We honour transparency by sharing detailed reports with all the insights you need to have a complete understanding of your audience, enabling informed decision making on your ad strategy.

Strategic insights

We design roadmaps to reach your business goals. After thoroughly understanding your brand, its competition and wider market, we deliver a framework tailored to your goals and pain points.

Our Twitter Advertising Capabilities

As a leading performance marketing agency, we’re all about measurable results. Our paid social media advertising services include Tiktok, Linkedin, Youtube, and Instagram, and deliver granular targeting and detailed reporting, ensuring you learn more about your customers’ needs.

Driving ROI for your budget

Throughout the campaign, we ensure your budget goes as far as possible in reaching your target audience and driving sustainable engagement online.

Delivering on your objectives

We’re highly adept at building and coordinating campaigns across channels and ensure your paid social strategy is validated by reliable data sources.

Content creation

We create engaging content at scale using automated tools to ensure your ads follow best practices for Twitter so your campaign has maximum impact.

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