What is Media Planning & Buying?

Media planning and buying is the process of identifying and purchasing ad space that’s relevant to your target audience and on the channels they actively use. The right strategy can empower brands and strengthen their customer relationships.

Effective planning and buying requires access to the latest research and analysis tools. As an established and long-running media buying agency, M&C Saatchi Performance works with businesses all over the world to connect brands to their customers.

We’ll work with you in planning purchases and buying media across channels based on your marketing objectives. We can deliver a bespoke media buying strategy and support you from planning right through to execution.

The benefits of a Media Buying & Planning Strategy

Better ad placements, more views

Media buying means you don’t have to rely on organic activity for your branded messages to gain traction online. This means you can execute an ad campaign safe in the knowledge that it’ll be effective.


With media planning and buying, you can set your limits on your ad purchases. This means you can optimise your campaign and get the right balance of building brand awareness and making conversions.


You can buy ad space on a variety of channels like social media, search engines and more. This allows you to experiment with different ad formats and learn from changes in user analytics.

Our Media Buying & Planning Services


We’ll work with you to understand your brand and establish your target audience, budget and core messaging. Our media planning and buying specialists create an effective strategy tailored to your unique KPIs.

Market insights

When it comes to your media buying campaign, our planning is meticulous and supports optimal spending to maximise value, leveraging market insights to enhance ad placement for maximum reach and engagement.

Platform analysis

Based on your business objectives, we’ll determine the best platforms and channels for your advertisement, to deliver the best conversion and ROI.

Omni-channel coordination

We’ll make sure each platform your ad campaign uses is aligned, so your ads always appear fresh and are optimised to engage audiences effectively.

Price negotiation

With a global partner network and expertise spanning markets and verticals, we work hard to ensure you get the best deal for campaigns and the best return on your budget.

Content & Creative Support

We can help you build a creative strategy that captures your audience’s imagination, whatever your message.

Reporting and analysis

You’ll receive comprehensive, easy-to-digest reports that summarise the performance of your campaigns so you’re always up to date on the latest developments.

Why choose us as your Media Buying & Planning Agency?

Our Media Buying & Planning Capabilities

At M&C Saatchi Performance, we have been active in the industry since 2006 working for some of the world’s leading brands.

We handle your media planning & buying strategies from start to finish, using our industry connections and expertise to help each client acquire prime ad placement for the most competitive price. We combine technology and creative planning to activate data-led intention-based campaigns designed to hit your goals and objectives.

We will help you to effectively integrate digital channels into an effective media planning and buying strategy. Furthermore, we also have extensive experience in the digital privacy space, so we can help you define a long-term strategy to reach your audiences with less dependency on third-party data.

Our clients

Our industry accolades

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