Our Data, Analytics & Tech Practice

Reporting & BI

Our reporting analysts are experts in data integration and measurement, and ensure you have actionable insights at your fingertips. We are here to scope out your requirements and build purpose-driven, engaging dashboards that deliver actionable insights in near real-time, depending on your available data sources.

Analytics & Data Science

Our analytics and data science team dives deep into your data to understand the why behind the what. Through advanced analytics and measurement techniques, we can measure and prove the impact your media investment has on vital business outcomes and optimise these to maximise your return on investment.


We have a technology infrastructure built and maintained internally by our specialist engineers, harnessing the latest cloud computing technology and market leading ETL platform. Our expert coders have mastered the large-scale automated data processing we use daily in our reporting, analysis, and data science teams.

Our Data, Analytics & Tech Services

At M&C Saatchi Performance, we provide a range of services for our clients looking for help or advice with their data organisation and delivery. These include:

Reporting and Business Intelligence

We consolidate all of your data into one report, focusing on your KPIs and giving you the insights you need to make key business decisions.

Analytics and data science

We measure and deconstruct the impact of your media investment on crucial business outcomes, using the data to optimise spending and maximise ROI.

Data automation

We use various tools and software to automate every single source of your data into one central location.

Customer modelling

We provide customer lifetime value modelling services to help you understand the value of your customers from a business perspective and develop your targeting propositions.

Why choose us for Data, Analytics and Tech?

Our business is entirely driven by data and it’s something that we do well. We want our clients to access all the information they need to make business decisions that create long-lasting results. Our data and insights services provide many direct benefits, including:



We know how important it is for your company to access the right data and how this information can be used to define and change business decisions. We break down our reports into easy-to-understand segments, helping to bring your data to life and leaving no areas of uncertainty.


Understanding what works for your audience and what doesn’t is vital when developing successful campaigns. We give you all the information you need to build strategies that are designed to work without the need for constant ‘test and learn,’ speeding up your processes, and improving your overall ROI.

Speed, accuracy & transparency

Priorities and focus can change very quickly in a business, and we know that it’s essential for your reporting to be just as agile. Everything we build is aligned with your specific goals and KPIs, with near real-time updates so that you can see what is working and make any changes quickly.

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Frequently Asked Questions

We are an award-winning performance agency with a wealth of knowledge in providing effective, targeted, data-driven campaigns. Our Data, Analytics & Tech team has both a depth and breadth of expertise ensuring we can deliver actionable recommendations and impactful results for our clients.

We use tools like Power BI to deliver visually attractive reports that break information into easy-to-understand segments and bring data to life.

Yes, everything we do is fully customisable to track your KPIs and business goals.

Yes, media measurement is undergoing a change and we are well equipped to measure and optimise media performance in a cookieless world.

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