What is Mobile Marketing?

With an increasing amount of audiences spending time online through their smartphones, it’s essential for brands to optimise their online advertising for mobile devices.

Mobile marketing lets you market your brand via social media, streaming platforms and gaming apps as well as target customers based on their geographical location. Leveraging each of these marketing channels allows you to unleash the full potential of your brand and reliably scale your business.

The benefits of a Mobile Marketing

Intuitive ad experiences

Optimising your advertising for mobile devices allows your ads to make more of an impact. Ads appear seamlessly on mobile apps and digital platforms, leaving a stronger impression on your target audience.

Cost effective marketing

Mobile marketing is an extremely cost effective and flexible tool. It allows you to launch and manage everything from brand awareness campaigns to lead generation, conversion, and everything in between.

Vast targeting abilities

Mobile devices and apps come with vast amounts of user data that you can benefit from. You can leverage such data and ensure that your advertisements reach the right people in the right place at the right time.

Our Mobile Marketing Services

Market & competitor research

We study your competitors to understand where you excel, how to entrench those gains, and how to catch up on areas you fall behind.

Mobile app strategy

We get to know your brand, your business needs, and draw from a wide range of industry insights to plan a mobile ad strategy across different platforms.

App storefront audit

We examine your current app store listing to see how well it performs against known best practices on the Apple App or Google Play Store.

App content & inbound marketing

We can plan and help create engaging content that entices users onto your app or website sustainably.

Mobile display ads

We can plan, create and optimise the creative and strategic elements of mobile ads for each platform included in your campaign.


We leverage user data from different platforms to target users with hyper-relevant ad content that maximises interest and engagement in your campaign.

Influencer outreach

We work to find the right match of leading influencers and content creators for your brand and share targeted messages with their audience that feature your product or service.

Mobile PPC

We leverage organic and paid ad channels like PPC (‘Pay Per Click’) to maximise your ad budget.

Why choose us as your Mobile Marketing Partner?

Complete visibility

Our team identifies potential opportunities for your mobile marketing activity at a glance and shares regular updates while your campaign is live and running. This ensures you’re always up to date on the latest developments for your business.

Sustainable Growth

Quick wins are great but your business needs sustainable growth to thrive. At M&C Saatchi Performance, we firmly believe in delivering on the KPIs you will need to enhance the long-term health of your brand, gradually, over a period of time.

Data-driven decisions

We’re data-driven by default and ensure our recommendations are backed by the latest trends in online marketing. If you’re ever unclear on anything, we can walk you through our methodology to show how our strategy achieves your KPIs.

Our Mobile Marketing Process

Setting KPIs
and timelines

We work with you to determine short and long-term campaign goals, and get to the very heart of your brand. We then build a strategy, drawing from customer trends and competitor analyses that comprehensively meets your business needs.

Campaign deployment
and experimentation

Once your mobile marketing campaign is live, we conduct extensive testing using different advertisement formats, targeting options and combinations of channels, so we can hone your performance and deliver maximum returns on investment.

and reporting

To maximise your ad spends, we ensure that our customer engagement levels are sustainable via fresh creative assets and customer retargeting. We also document your campaigns in a way that allows you optimise future campaigns with ease.

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