What is customer acquisition?

Customer acquisition aims to attract potential new customers and generate business opportunities for your brand. By leveraging data, brands can better understand their customers, their needs, and identify potential marketing opportunities.

Our team has been running customer acquisition campaigns for over 16 years, across a wide variety of channels, devices, markets and verticals. We can help you define the best customer acquisition strategy for your business and unlock new audiences through market insights.

The Benefits of Customer Acquisition

Boost Revenue and Drive Growth for Your Business

By attracting new customers to your business, you’re ultimately going to increase sales that will have a trickling effect on growth and expansion. This growth could help you in launching new products and services and maximise profits.

Improve Brand Awareness By Leaps & Bounds

Advertising in new markets will eventually help you in reaching a wider audience base, in-turn improving the scale at which your brand awareness improves and developing a positive brand perception across your target markets.

Maximise Leads & Raise Conversion Rates

Generating a continuous stream of new leads will widen your data pool, collecting more information about your target audience. Long-term, this will help you to improve conversion rates and turn potential customers into brand ambassadors.

Our Customer Acquisition Services


Our seasoned team will guide you through the customer acquisition process and create a comprehensive strategy tailored to your unique business needs.

Combined approach

We combine audience, inventory, technology and creative planning to activate data-led intention-based campaigns designed to achieve performance targets.

By adopting a test & learn approach, we experiment with the right creative messaging, formats, and target audiences across various platforms to deliver strong ROI-driven results.

Lead generation

Across industries and disciplines, we’ll find and identify the ideal customers for your brand, guaranteed to convert and give you the best ROI.

Intelligent marketing automation

You’ll receive a scalable customer acquisition system with fully automated processes to engage prospects and convert visitors into leads.

Creative performance

We adopt a data-driven approach to creative optimisation. With every test we learn, with every learning we optimise and with every optimisation comes stronger performance.

Unlock new audiences

We help brands unlock new audiences worldwide, whether that means finding them in new markets abroad, or domestic customers you hadn’t considered before.

Why choose us for Customer Acquisition?

Our Customer Acquisition Capabilities

Customer acquisition can be time-consuming, costly and high-effort to do successfully. Knowing where to begin can feel like an uphill struggle. To create a customer acquisition strategy that works, you need a dedicated team behind you.

Our custom-made acquisition strategies track, measure and optimise to achieve the best ROI for our clients. We’ll help to revitalise your brand awareness, boost quality leads, and generate intent-driven traffic directly to your business.

If you’re looking for support to reach your audiences or need help discovering new ones, reach out to our team.

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