What is streaming TV advertising?

Streaming TV adverts are those placed in TV content that is viewed through a device connected to the internet, rather than through linear TV channels. Some of the more commonly known streaming services include Hulu, Roku, Netflix and Apple TV.

Some streaming providers offer a paid subscription service to avoid the need for adverts, while for others, streaming TV adverts allow them to provide their services for free.

Streaming TV adverts are usually grouped into different ad pods, typically of around four. The most common placement for streaming TV adverts is before or during a show.

The benefits of streaming TV advertising

High Targeting Opportunities

Apart from targeting a range of demographics, such as age, gender, and income, streaming platforms can delve even deeper, targeting based on the type of content being watched or allowing users to select the ads they’re interested in.

Easy Attribution

We thrive on helping our clients’ in closing the loop between their campaigns and sales with the ability to attribute leads effectively and present these in a clear and easy to understand reporting format.


Real-time updates

Due to the nature of this channel, changes can be made almost immediately to any advertising campaign, giving you the latitude to pivot and hone your advertisements based on what’s working and what’s not.

Competitive Control

It will always be our endeavour to ensure that your advertisement is not shown within the same advertising pod as any of your competitors’, giving you maximum visibility in front of your audiences.

Our Streaming TV Advertising Services

We work with all the main players within the streaming TV industry, giving you the best possible opportunities when it comes to boosting your brand’s visibility. We provide a full range of services for our clients to make sure you get the most out of every campaign, including:

Market research

We conduct in-depth research into your market, audience, platforms, and accounts to personally understand your brand and the objectives for your streaming TV advertisements.

Channel maximisation

Our research helps us to ensure we place your ads in the right place, at the right time. We work with several streaming TV platforms, giving us tailored and diverse options for any requirements.

Data reporting & analysis

Our extensive data reporting and campaign analysis provide each client with digestible information via accessible data dashboards, aiding informed decision-making for current and future streaming TV campaigns.

KPI and goal measurement

We measure the success of each streaming TV campaign against your brand’s personal KPIs, including reach, traffic, leads, and conversions.

Why choose us for Streaming TV Advertising?

When it comes to running streaming TV adverts, we know how important it is for you to understand exactly where your leads are coming from. From research to planning or strategy to KPIs, as a performance marketing agency, we are all about measurable results.

Mobile Attribution

Whilst it is difficult to attribute streaming TV campaign leads due to the nature of how they’re viewed, we’re the experts when it comes to matters related with mobile attribution. We are well equipped to provide full visibility on where your leads are coming from.

Performance KPIs

We are a performance marketing agency and are able to tie into your full funnel media strategy. We track and deliver against your chosen performance indicators, pivoting quickly within each campaign to make sure we give you the highest possible ROIs.

Actionable Insights

We create in-depth reports for each of your campaigns, bringing all insights together into one tangible dashboard. This additional visibility allows you to fully understand what is happening on every platform and the most effective areas for future investment.

Brand Safety

In order to keep your brand safe, we always ensure that your content doesn’t appear anywhere inappropriate. We can be incredibly precise with our targeting, and you will always have complete visibility on each campaign to make changes or edits as you see fit.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Streaming TV advertising can drive effective business outcomes across a variety of objectives like raising awareness and consideration levels across targeted segments of audiences, high reach placements, encouraging traffic to a website or app with a clear CTA, and even gaining actionable insights about your target consumers’ viewing habits.

The most common Streaming TV KPIs include: unique reach, frequency, share of voice (SOV), site traffic or app downloads, conversions, brand lift study metrics, and more. These can help you understand how cost-effective your media is and which partners, audiences, and creative are driving the most value for your business.

Roku, Amazon Fire, Samsung Ads, Vizio, and the NBCU suite are some of the partners we work with, though the space is expanding rapidly, we are frequently testing and learning with other existing and emerging new Streaming TV platforms.

Each Streaming TV partner offers different capabilities, so we are frequently testing and learning with new targeting options. Some of the most common ways are through first-party affinity data that the partners offer based on the types of shows consumers watch (i.e. News & Current Events, Documentaries, Reality TV), third-party interests that can be layered on (i.e. leisure travel, health & fitness, video games), and look-a-like (LAL) or re-engagement audience generated directly from our campaigns.

Having partnerships already established with key players in the Streaming TV space, M&C Saatchi Performance can help you launch very quickly once we understand your objectives and ensure that measurement and tracking are properly implemented. We will also partner with you for creative reviews against the various best practices we’ve established over time to help setup campaigns for optimal success.

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