What is Remarketing?

Remarketing is a form of online advertising that presents targeted ads to users who have previously visited a brand’s website. While consumers browse the web elsewhere, retargeting ads appear unobtrusively. They’re a handy, compact reminder that keeps your brand at the top of customers’ minds and encourages shoppers to revisit and eventually become buyers.

The Benefits of Remarketing

Stay Connected
to Your Audience

Remarketing is a great tool and acts as a useful reminder to consumers who have previously shown interest in your brand, encouraging them to keep your brand in front of their mind over a longer period time.

Improve ad relevance
to reach your target market

Through remarketing, your adverts will only appear on your user’s browser after they’ve interacted with your brand or searched for a specific keyword. This improves the relevancy and timing of your adverts.

Reduce Cart

By alerting the users at the right stage of their customer journey, you’re reminding them to complete their purchase or to continue their engagement with your business, reducing cart abandonment.

Our Remarketing Services


Our talented team will guide you through the retargeting process to find the best strategy for your unique business goals and choose the best approach for your brand.

Creative Performance

We adopt a data-driven approach meaning we don’t just make assumptions. We conduct repeated tests to continually optimise your ads and improve your performance.

Ad content & Creative Support

We can support your team with content and creatives. Our extensive experience running retargeting campaigns has taught us the best performing strategies to get users to return to any abandoned shopping carts.

Brand exposure

We go to great lengths to make sure we’re targeting the right audience and deliver campaigns that get your brand in front of bigger, more intent-driven audiences.

Higher conversion rates

The performance of your remarketing campaigns is constantly measured by our team who quickly optimises campaigns to achieve higher conversion and better budget allocation.

In-depth reporting

We provide every client with extensive reporting to help you understand your campaign’s performance and provide valuable insight for future strategy.

Why choose us as your Remarketing Agency?

Our Remarketing Capabilities

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Effective remarketing can significantly increase your conversion rates and ROI. Visitors who are already familiar with your brand are considerably more likely to become customers. Remarketing also offers the opportunity for dramatically wider reach compared to other forms of digital marketing.

As a data-driven agency, we analyse where your target audience first interacted with a brand, uncovering which channels your audience uses most before defining a retargeting approach. Using all of these data points, we can then design a bespoke remarketing strategy which is effective for your business.

What’s more, as key players like Apple and Google change the way they track users and store data, our team of privacy specialists are on-hand to help you navigate the shifting landscape of data security. We’ll run workshops with you to help you keep up-to-date with the latest developments and how to address them.

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