What is lead generation marketing?

Lead generation marketing is all about converting prospective customers into active ones and can involve many marketing tools.

The aim is to build relationships with your target audience by delivering targeted messages at the right time. Whether browsing online or comparing your product with your competitor’s, customers should always have content guiding them towards making a purchase.

The benefits of lead generation marketing

A hyper-focused
marketing approach

Lead generation allows you to focus your advertising efforts solely on people who have expressed an interest in your business. By focusing on this demographic, you can maximise the return on your ad budget more effectively as you concentrate entirely on conversions.

A larger
online following

Lead generation also has long-term benefits. Once you amass a database or larger following of prospective customers online, you can derive new insights from their data and create even more effective advertising campaigns in the future using retargeting measures.

customer service

With the right strategy, lead generation allows you to deliver truly bespoke service to customers and offer products or services that meet their every wish. As a result, you can foster a highly positive brand image and strong relationships with your target audience.

Our lead generation marketing services

Market insights & trends

We examine your previous marketing activity to see what’s worked and draw from other industry insights to understand which channels will generate more leads for your business.

B2B, B2C & D2C lead gen

Our marketing team is well versed in creating ad campaigns for B2B, B2C and D2C brands, so we can help your business no matter your needs.

Social media marketing

We can create, execute and optimise online ad strategies using a data-driven approach and automated tools.

Influencer marketing

We liaise with influencers across the globe to find the right ad partner for your business and connect with your target audience more effectively.


Our team of experts can optimise your online presence for major search engines so your business is highly discoverable for your customers.

PPC advertising

Our Paid Search team can establish PPC (or ‘pay per click’) campaigns and strategically advertise your business where customers are looking for it.

Content marketing

We can support you with the entire content creation process and ensure your ads engage audiences effectively.

Why choose us as your Lead Generation Agency?


Our team are experts in all things digital and take the time to truly get to know your brand and its challenges. We then draw from a range of market insights to create highly impactful ad campaigns that generate consumer interest in your business.

Repeated Testing
and Reporting

We experiment with different ad formats to ensure your campaign is effective with your audience and optimised for each marketing channel. We also share timely reports with you, so you’re up-to-date on how your ads are performing online.


We run advertisements across different devices and online platforms to give your brand as much exposure as possible with your target audiences. This helps you build lasting relationships with potential leads that pay off in the long-term.

Our Lead Generation Capabilities

Media Buying

Our team works across multiple advertising channels and devices, and have excellent partnerships with all major platforms. This means we can create transformational ad strategies giving you unparalleled results.


We make sure all our advertising campaigns work towards your lead generation objectives. Using a data-driven approach, we test and optimise campaigns so we deliver the best return on your marketing budget.

Transparency In

At M&C Saatchi Performance, we honour the value of transparency by sharing regular updates with you so you’re always up to date on how your ads are performing online and where your leads are coming from.

Our clients

Our industry accolades

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