What is Affiliate Marketing?

Affiliate marketing is a performance-based strategy that relies on trusted partners promoting your brand, products, and services to their audiences via their Instagram profile, blog, or email lists. Affiliates only earn their commission when they make a sale for your business, meaning they are inclined to create great content on your behalf.

Identifying potential partners for your brand and monitoring their output can be tricky and time-consuming. We have access to hundreds of different affiliates globally who can be selected specifically for your brand, with stringent processes in place to ensure the promoted content works for your business.

Affiliate Marketing

The benefits of affiliate marketing

Reach wider audiences

Your business will be visible to your affiliate’s audiences, people that you may not have reached without their platform. Selecting the right brand ambassadors helps you target a high proportion of your target market. 

Increase conversion rates

Affiliate marketing helps you gain essential insight into where your customers are coming from and why they buy. This can be pivotal in understanding your audience and increasing transactions and overall conversion rates.

Boost brand’s reputation

Referring to reviews and recommendations are an integral part of the buying process today. Generating reviews via trusted affiliates provide the social proof online shoppers are looking for before they become your customer

Improve brand awareness

You want your brand to be seen by as many people as possible. Using affiliates in your marketing increases your brand’s awareness and reach the right way, and helps build a strong positive reputation with your customer base.

Get better ROI

Affiliate marketing is built for profitability, with easy-to-track metrics based on calculating the return on your investment by focusing on completed sales transactions, instead of factors like engagement and impressions.

Our affiliate marketing services

At M&C Saatchi Performance, we work across the affiliate marketing process end-to-end, with tailored strategies built to work specifically for your brand. Our services include:

Bespoke affiliate strategies

We work with all of our clients to create bespoke strategies for their affiliate schemes, ensuring you get completely unique content that has been developed specifically for your brand.

Market research

We conduct extensive market research to fully understand the space you’re in and the people you’re marketing to.

Competitor analysis

We examine competitors within your space and map out desirable areas for your affiliate scheme to focus on.

Partner sourcing and management

We have developed a centralised system that takes care of everything for you, from vetting and selecting the right partners for your brand, to handling daily management tasks.

Reporting & measurement

All of your affiliate partner programmes will report to one platform, making it easy for you to visualise their impact on your bottom line.


We carry out compliance checks on all affiliate partners, leaving you safe in the knowledge that you’re working with genuine and appropriate content creators.

Why choose us for Affiliate Marketing?

Affiliate marketing can be quite a complex channel to keep track of, especially if you have a host of affiliates creating content for you regularly. The affiliate service that M&C Saatchi Performance provides eliminates the need for constant oversight — we can manage your affiliates for you, to ensure they continuously create high-quality content for your business. Our benefits include:


Measurements within affiliate marketing can differ wildly depending on which platforms you use. Our system provides you with standardised formats for all your reporting based on your business requirements, but we also offer bespoke formats that can be tailored to suit the nature of your business goals.

Centralised Management

We firmly believe in centralising everything from the get-go on all our projects, making us the single point of contact for your entire affiliate marketing programme. This eventually results in saving you valuable time and effort, allowing you to draw your focus on other important areas.

Fraud-based analysis

We designed our proprietary fraud detection methodology that works in synergy with MMP fraud solutions. We use a mix of manual data analysis along with automated incent crawlers that run across thousands of publishers and look for anomalies. By identifying fraudulent installs, we’re able to show the true net performance of campaigns and make more frequent budget reallocation to channels and partners that drive performance.

Stringent partner vetting

We thoroughly evaluate all of our affiliate marketing programme partners and have carefully drafted terms and conditions in place with each of them, meaning that you can be confident about the fact that any affiliate partner working with your brand will be genuine and appropriate from a brand safety point of view. 


At M&C Saatchi Performance, our systems have been built to help you scale quickly. We will connect you with a wide range of suitable affiliates right from the beginning, adding more each month to keep your content visible to the right audiences thereby, widening your reach both gradually and significantly.

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Frequently Asked Questions

We boast extensive experience running effective, targeted, affiliate campaigns for some of the world’s leading brands and a wide global partner network to help brands reach their audiences, leveraging the most relevant channels for their needs.

Affiliate marketing can be incredibly effective in driving awareness and leads for your brand as it relies on trust and authenticity, which are particularly important with modern audiences. Connecting you with our wide network of trusted partners, your campaigns will be scaled quickly and effectively. To authenticate the validity of the ad served, we have developed our proprietary fraud protection methodology and partner with the best technologies in the market.

Conversion is surely one of the most important KPIs that we track. Some others include referral traffic, engagement, reach/awareness, and audience growth. We can also create tailored reporting for any other KPIs you wish to track.

Affiliate marketing campaigns can be run on a whole host of different channels, including ad networks, affiliate websites, deal aggregators and social media influencers. We will create the right campaign for your audience, reaching them wherever they are.

We understand that some brands prefer to have complete visibility at every stage of the process, while others prefer to let us take the reins. Depending on your affiliate marketing brief, it may be that you want to have more involvement in choosing the right affiliates for your campaign, or working on the creative. We are happy for you to have as much or as little involvement as you wish.

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