What is Display Advertising?

Display advertising involves placing banners and other visual ad formats on websites, apps and social media sites to deliver targeted messages to users. Display ads use a combination of images, text, GIFs, and videos to stand out, and can be a great tool for driving both performance and brand awareness.

Display ads allows you to experiment with static and dynamic (still and moving) ad formats, meaning you can try new things to engage people online. Additionally, you can use a range of targeting measures to reach your ideal audience more easily.

What are the benefits of display ads?

High-impact visuals

With the right design and input, display adverts can be extremely eye-catching. This means you can draw user attention and generate sustainable interest in your product or service from the get go.

Better brand awareness

Digital ads offer the perfect way to drive awareness of your brand. By carefully placing ads where your target audience spends their time online, you can foster brand recall quickly and efficiently.

Rich targeting opportunities

Display ad channels offer rich targeting options, helping you reach your audience effectively. To maximise your campaign’s impact, you can target viewers based on demography, location, and more.

Our Display Advertising Services

Market & competitor research

We study your competitors and draw from wider industry trends to understand potential next steps for your ad campaign.

Mobile display ads

We can plan and create engaging visual content for mobile devices so your ads are always optimised for users.

Video ads

We can produce video content like short snippets for social media websites and streaming platforms, giving your campaign a range of advertising options.

PPC campaigns

We can run PPC (or ‘Pay Per Click’) ad campaigns that ensure your budget only pays for the ads that users are actually engaged in.

Programmatic display advertising

Our team of marketing experts can automate the advertising process and expand the scope of your campaign using digital media buying tools.

Why choose us as your Display Advertising Agency?

Our Display Advertising Capabilities

strategic support

We take the time to get to know your business and your goals so we can build an advertising campaign that works for you. We conduct an in-depth discovery session and draw from a range of other market insights to make sure we’re making the right recommendations at every step.


At M&C Saatchi Performance, our team uses a range of automated tools to execute your advertising campaign and manage your budget. When clubbed together, these save time and stress over how best to carry out your strategy and help in getting the most out of your ad budget.


We have an extensive network of advertising partners that help us offer highly optimised display ad campaigns across different channels. In addition, we’re well versed in the best practices for each platform, meaning your ads are well coordinated and always fresh for your target audience.

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