What is product led growth?

The Importance of Lifecycle Marketing Within PLG

The Benefits of Product Led Growth


PLG lets you build a rich ecosystem for each part of your marketing and product funnel and helps your marketing budget go further over time.

By focusing on customers’ unique needs, you can streamline your product and marketing funnels, as well as increase your overall customer base. Once you’ve achieved brand buy-in, you can maximise customers’ value by focusing on retention and new sales opportunities from repeat business and organic referrals.

It’s no secret that happy consumers are more likely to purchase again, so tapping into a proven consumer segment allows you to grow your revenue with less effort. Over time, you can cultivate a well engaged group of customers and help your advertising budget go further using highly optimised strategies.

Our Product Led Growth Services

At M&C Saatchi Performance, we can advise across all stages of your customer experience, including:

App store optimisation (ASO)

We deploy best practices on your app store listing to ensure your application is more visible to customers, helping increase conversion rates across paid and organic activity.

LTV analysis

We establish optimal KPIs for key customer segments based on their forecasted lifetime value. These results allow us to focus our efforts on customers with the largest ROI and speed up the time to value.

User Onboarding Optimisation

We work to improve your data capture processes so you have a clearer picture of the pain points customers experience through the onboarding flow. Optimising the flow increases conversion rates, making marketing more efficient and leads to higher revenue per user and better retention rates.

Customer Journey Mapping

We test creative campaigns and technical elements across your app or website to refine the customer journey and drive users towards your most popular features.

Why choose us for Product Led Growth?

We take the time to get to know your business first. Once we have a clear picture of your needs and wants, we take a deep dive into your data to build a comprehensive strategy to remove customer pain points. The main three ways you’ll benefit by working with M&C Saatchi Performance are:

Complete Visibility

We diagnose opportunities and issues within your marketing and product funnel at a glance. Our customer experience and lifecycle marketing strategy maps out everything you’ll need to grow your business, giving you strategic insight into your needs.

Sustainable Growth

Quick wins are great, but there’s nothing like sustainable business growth that you can rely on. We champion the long-term health of your business by creating a comprehensive strategy that can grow with your business’s needs over time.

Data-Driven Decisions

We’re data-driven by default and passionate about offering total transparency in our services. We walk you through our methodology and help you understand how our strategy translates into KPIs to your benefit.

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Frequently Asked Questions

We are an award-winning performance agency with a wealth of knowledge in providing effective, targeted, data-driven campaigns for our clients. As experts in this space, we have a clear understanding of the challenges that brands face with user acquisition and have established effective techniques through lifecycle marketing to increase overall user value.

PLG ensures brands are thinking about improving efficiency throughout the entire user journey. It is the most effective way to identify and address issues in your funnel. Through implementing various stages of lifecycle marketing and data analyses, brands can increase conversion rates, revenue per user, user retention, and overall lifetime value. By focusing marketing dollars on acquiring users in the most efficient manner possible, target ROI is reached faster which allows brands to reinvest into further scaling acquisition efforts. PLG is a crucial part of a strategic growth plan in order to increase user base as well as overall revenue.

1. Retention: Day 1, Day 7, Day 30 and Day 90 user retention values are all indicators that users are more engaged and finding more value within the product

2. Revenue per User (RPU): measure RPU x days post-acquisition (i.e., Day 7 RPU) to determine how quickly you will reach the breakeven point of profitability.

3. Acquisition to action conversion rates: Determine which features are the most valuable to you and your users. Then measure the conversion rates between users who install your app, or visit your site to engage with those features. Features could include a purchase, sign up, or opt-in

4. Conversions rates to and from each step in your signup, onboarding and other important product flows. For example, how many users input an email in the first step but drop off before creating a password? How many users create a password but do not click to confirm their email address in their inbox? Understanding these rates will help you identify where major drop off points are in your flows and where the biggest opportunities for improvements are.

When completing an LTV analysis, we will breakout data into tiered segments based on highest returns on investment. These tiers can be constructed in ways that are most valuable to the brand, some examples include:

1. Media partners
2. States/Countries, Regions
3. User demographics (age, gender, location) & interests (music, web3, sports)

When analysing customer journey mapping we will look for trends across user segments i.e. which users are most likely to convert across various touch points vs which users are more likely to churn. We can then customise messaging and the user experience to steer users to the most relevant features of a product.

Customer retention is crucial to the long-term growth of your business. Our goal is to maximise the value (product engagement, monetization, etc.) of each user to facilitate sustainable growth over time.

Available data varies wildly based on your product category, but generally would be based upon one or more of the following: media partners, states/countries, regions, user demographics or interests.

First, we evaluate the data that is already available. Ideally there will be a product event, postback or pixel on every unique action within an onboarding flow and within the larger product. After this initial evaluation, we will advise on any additional data points needed for the most robust analysis and facilitate tracking integration. Some examples of key data points:

1. Account Creation/Sign Up
2. In App Purchase
3. Subscription Activation
4. Granted Permissions
5. Shares Across Social Media

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