Case study: Driving new qualified users through TikTok Ads

Case study: Driving new qualified users through TikTok Ads

The Objective

Halodoc is a comprehensive health-tech app in Indonesia, offering teleconsultations with doctors, medication purchasing, and other digital health services. As stamping out COVID-19 has been an ongoing priority in Indonesia, local governments have partnered with Halodoc to support COVID-19 rapid testing. In an effort to reach customers who were stuck at home during the lockdowns and convert them into new Halodoc users, our digital strategy leveraged on TikTok and its active user community.

The Solution

As with most apps, Halodoc’s foremost goal was finding qualified new users. More specifically, new users who would sign up to Halodoc and initiate a chat with a doctor on the app. We worked closely with TikTok For Business to run an Auction Ads campaign designed to boost awareness and drive new downloads.

First, we designed different creatives in a TikTok-friendly format. The creatives were then run and and their performance was monitored looking at click-through rates and conversion rates. Once the best performing creative was identified, the brand streamlined its budget to promote the ad that drove the best measurable results.

At the same time, we optimized the campaign by refining its targeting criteria to omit existing users from seeing the ads and by splitting the campaign into two objectives, Installs and Registrations, to ensure scale and efficiency. We also ran ads against the Lookalike Audience targeting criteria, which is a new Audience Category, and an App Event Optimization feature that scales campaigns and improves conversion rates by reaching new audiences that fit a similar user profile as those that have already downloaded Halodoc.

The Result

TikTok For Business proved to be a great platform for driving both awareness and performance. Halodoc achieved a 42% improvement in overall cost efficiency for App Installs and Registrations, and an 18% increase in new users who signed up for a doctor’s appointment. Halodoc also enjoyed a 24% lower Customer Acquisition Cost (CAC) than other Business As Usual channels that would normally drive new customers to the Halodoc platform.


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