What is YouTube Advertising?

YouTube is one of the internet’s most established and popular video streaming sites. The site allows businesses to advertise by placing short promotional films at the start of videos or placed strategically throughout that deliver effective brand messaging.

YouTube also hosts lots of tools to maximise your budget and deliver targeted ads to people across the world.

The benefits of advertising on YouTube

YouTube offers a range of benefits to brands looking to advertise on its platform, including:

Increased User

Brands can choose from a range of ad formats to reach users when they’re most engaged with online content. You can choose from skippable or non-skippable ads, and more that play at the start, middle or end of the videos.

Effective Targeting

YouTube helps you deliver highly targeted advertisements to users. You can decide to target users based on their location, demographics or interests by focusing your ads on popular channels relevant to your brand and audiences.

Impactful Influencer

Brands can leverage the creativity and reputation of online content creators on YouTube by sponsoring Shorts or long-form uploads on creators’ main channels. This allows you to build lasting relationships with your customers.

Our YouTube Advertising Services

Our YouTube advertising service is a part of our wider Paid Social advertising solutions that includes:

Market insights and audits

We analyse your previous advertising to see what’s worked and draw from external market insights to understand potential next steps.

YouTube advertising

We oversee every step of advertising on YouTube, including campaign development, budgeting and bid management, creative production and more.

YouTube creator management

We maintain a rich network of content creators and can help you share branded messages on YouTube Shorts by partnering with leading personalities for your brand.

Digital strategy

We build a comprehensive strategy that utilises retargeting, segmentation and cross-device delivery to ensure your campaign is highly optimised at all times.

Data reporting & analysis

We deliver full transparency and provide regular updates on your campaign performance so you stay informed every step of the way.

KPI and goal measurement

We benchmark the success of each YouTube campaign against your campaign objectives so you can understand your success throughout.

Why choose us as your YouTube Advertising Agency?

We are committed to discovering everything we need to know about your brand. When working with us, you can expect to receive:


We have had a long-standing relationship with Google which means we’re always up to date with the best practices for advertising on YouTube.


We’ve been building and optimising YouTube ad strategies for a while now so we know what works best to really make a campaign come alive.


We provide timely reports on your campaign’s performance and give you all the insights you need to make informed decisions on your ad strategy.

Our YouTube Advertising Capabilities

From research to planning and strategy to KPIs, as a performance marketing agency, we are all about measurable results. When it comes to paid social media advertising, granular targeting and reporting is one of the best ways for advertisers to learn more about their customers’ needs.

Maximising Your

We run YouTube campaigns in combination with other social media channels to ensure that we maximise the reach and performance of your ad campaigns. This eventually translates to driving more users down the sales funnel.

Delivering on
Your Objectives

At M&C Saatchi Performance, we specialise in a range of social media campaigns conducted across multiple social channels and ensure our entire strategy is backed by data and validated by engagement from your audiences.

Creating Engaging

We can help you scale your YouTube ad campaign effectively. Our team can support video ad creation – and thanks to our creative partners, we also are able to create iterations of videos from sample assets and static images.

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