What is Audio Advertising?

Audio advertising involves sharing branded messages with listeners of podcasts, music streaming, radio shows and audio aggregators in different areas across the world.

Audio ads allow you to conduct regional, national or even international marketing campaigns and are a great way to complement your wider marketing activity. Unlike social media or search engine ads which rely on customers viewing your ads, audio ads open up new creative possibilities as your target audience listens to their favourite shows.

The benefits of digital audio advertising

Multi-channel delivery

Audio ads can be served on podcasts, radio shows and music streaming via mobile devices, smart speakers and desktop devices. This variety of channels means you can reach customers at vital points when they’re not on social media or searching online, for example, while commuting, working or tidying.

Dynamic insertion

Streaming services can insert advertisements into podcasts, music streaming dynamically. This means that two people listening to the same podcast hear slightly different content during the advert break. This feature allows you to effectively target listeners and speak directly to your target audience.

Credible endorsements

Audio advertisements allow brands to utilise the trust that listeners have in podcast hosts, making them a truly unique advertising channel. In reading ads aloud, podcast hosts lend their credibility to the branded message which leaves a very strong impression on listeners about the product or service on offer.

Our Digital Audio Advertising Services

Strategic Audience & Lead Planning

As digital experts, we’ll research possible advertising opportunities for your brand and draw from market insights to identify the most effective ones.

Radio & Music Streaming Advertising

We have a rich network of music streaming and radio partners from across the globe, offering regional, national, and global broadcasting opportunities.

Podcast Advertising

We also work with a range of streamlining platforms and are capable of placing your advertisements on leading shows followed by your target audience.

Programmatic Buying

Our expert advertising operations team automates your advertisement delivery so your content reaches your target audience as efficiently as possible.

Cross-Device Measurement

Each advertisement is tracked to see how your audience interacts with the advertisement, allowing for more effective retargeting opportunities later on.

Campaign Testing & Reporting

We respond to active changes as your campaign is live and make adjustments for maximal engagement, sharing regular updates with you along the way.

Why choose us as your Digital Audio Advertising Partner?


We work with a variety of services and podcast platforms to ensure your advertisements are heard by customers in the areas you want, so whether you’re a local business or a large enterprise venturing into a new market, we can support you in reaching your target audience.

Transparency via
Testing and Reporting

We test ads extensively throughout your campaign to ensure they’re effective with your audience and optimised for each marketing channel according to your budget. We also share regular updates with you, so you’re always up to date on how your brand is performing.


Strong relationships with leading audio platforms enable us to offer high-impact ad placements like video takeovers, allowing you to repurpose existing advertising assets and maximising the campaign impact with your target customers via stunning visuals and audio ads.

Our Digital Audio Advertising Capabilities


We can integrate audio advertisements into your wider advertising activity and create a unified marketing campaign that drives brand awareness and leads while maximising your ad budget at the same time.

Cross-device attribution

We utilise reliable data like unique device IDs to measure engagement rates, ensuring you have clarity on who’s heard your ad before. We then re-use this data to retarget listeners and convert them into viable leads.


Our creative and analytics teams can advise on how to produce advertisements that engage your audience keeping a long term view on maximising your ad budget so that your campaign achieves sustainable results.

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