Why Use Streaming TV Advertising in 2023?

Why Use Streaming TV Advertising in 2023?

The golden age of television has ushered in some of the most iconic shows ever to hit the airwaves. This has played a key role in drawing in millions of viewers with each release. Owing to several streaming TV service providers, consumers today have a wealth of video content to choose from.

Giving brands the options of reaching audiences through OTT and CTV campaigns to convert potential customers and grow their businesses. In this article, you will get a chance to learn more about:

  • What is streaming TV advertising (OTT and CTV)
  • What are their targeting capabilities
  • Key metrics used to measure a streaming tv advertising campaign

What is OTT & CTV advertising?

If you’ve ever watched a show on a streaming TV service like Now TV, Hulu or Paramount Plus, you’ve probably experienced OTT and CTV advertising.

OTT stands for ‘over the top’ and refers to the video content available on smart TV apps like Amazon Prime Video and Netflix. Similarly, CTV stands for ‘connected television’ and refers to devices like Google Chromecasts and Rokus.

For brands, OTT and CTV advertising channels offer the perfect way to reach new audiences and grow their business with effective targeting measures. In fact, it’s becoming an increasingly popular advertising method as consumers abandon their traditionally bloated cable TV packages for leaner, cheaper streaming services. Research from Statista indicates that streaming platforms are expected to surpass 1.5 billion users by 2027 (an extra 500 million from today’s figures), meaning you’ll see growing returns in future campaigns.

What are the targeting capabilities of OTT & CTV advertising?

OTT & CTV advertising platforms offer a range of targeting options that can help you reach hundreds of millions of users across the world.

While the exact targeting capabilities will vary between streaming providers, most platforms allow you to analyse and target users based on their behaviour, demographics and location. However, you can also utilise more detailed targeting methods like users’ time-of-day and device type, which lets you display more relevant content. For example, maximising your reach by displaying ads for iOS apps to Apple device users only.

Brands can also utilise re-targeting strategies and follow up with users who have interacted with other bits of digital content like search results, websites, email campaigns, and videos.
So OTT and CTV advertising offers a great way to complement your wider advertising campaign and drive interest in your business.

How to measure a successful OTT & CTV advertising campaign?

As fully digital platforms, OTT and CTV advertising platforms allow you to measure your campaign’s success easily. Most providers will collect data on the following KPIs:

From here, you can experiment with different creative assets in your ads and test which combination is the most effective in each market you operate in.

It’s worth noting that some providers are better suited to certain campaign outcomes than others. For instance, you can track how many views your Amazon storefront receives from Prime TV ads more easily than other channels. This is because everything is inside Amazon’s ecosystem. So, it’s important to consider your options and speak to a leading digital marketing agency that can optimise your campaign ahead of launch.

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