Report: The Definitive Guide to Programmatic Streaming TV for Performance Marketing

Deepdive into Planning & Buying Streaming TV

Today, TV advertising is more accessible than ever before. For the first time in history, performance marketers can compete for primetime spots — thanks to the evolution of streaming television.

Streaming TV allows marketers to combine eye-catching creative with best-in-class tracking and optimization capabilities previously limited to web and mobile marketing. Meanwhile, programmatic exchanges level the bidding playing field and offer more transparent targeting. It’s no wonder that streaming TV increasingly attracts scale-up and challenger brands who can now invest in television affordably.

Modern marketers who are hesitant to test streaming TV or unsure where to start can use this guide to understand better the programmatic streaming TV marketplace, the available scale, and best practices that offer significant opportunities across an array of marketing objectives.

This guide helps demystify the streaming TV landscape and provides practical steps for campaign setup and strategy, with a glimpse into features and solutions that are on the horizon.

Featuring contributions from Samsung Ads, Roku, AppsFlyer, and tvScientific, this guide is a comprehensive playbook for the connected TV era. Please download it now, we hope you will find it useful. If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact us at


"Modern marketers who are hesitant to test streaming TV or unsure where to start can use this guide to better understand the programmatic streaming TV marketplace." Bridget Hall, Director Planning M&C Saatchi Performance

“We believe this channel, which combines the unrivaled power of TV with the measurability of digital, will dominate performance marketing over the next decade." Jason Fairchild, Co-Founder and CEO tvScientific

"Streaming TV advertising needs high-quality, cost-effective creatives that are built specifically for the medium. That's a big challenge." Gaston Rendelstein, Head of Product Marketing AppsFlyer

"For the first time this year, streaming has taken over linear in terms of hours. TV streaming should be at the heart of every media plan." Adam Markey, Director Product Management Ad Platform, Roku

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