App Promotion Summit 2019: Drive app growth and evolve your digital strategy

App Promotion Summit is a major day in the app marketing calendar each year, exploring growth strategies and tactics directly from the world’s top app experts. With content covering the entire digital ecosystem, professionals joined in London on 4th April to tackle industry challenges and discuss opportunities for game-changing growth. Partnering at this year’s event, our performance marketing team were primed to learn the best of what the event had to offer while lending their own expertise to panels.

With a full day of workshops, panels, and networking, our Business Development Manager, Ashley Waters, said “APS represented a brilliantly collaborative day spent in the company of mobile product and mobile advertising experts from across the industry”. He noted a dominant topic of discussion was App Search Optimisation (ASO), “as a key growth tactic for apps, organisations from across the globe were sharing knowledge, expertise and advice on how to maximise discoverability and conversion”.

Lauren Park, our ASO Manager, reiterated the importance of ASO having seen the popularity of the day-long series of workshops dedicated to the topic, “ASO has always been a huge focus at APS events, but it has become more prominent in recent years. Its continually changing nature, from regular algorithmic updates to increased data sharing in Google, make ASO a consistently relevant topic for experts to delve into. As app developers explore new channels and expand budgets, ASO has to be front-of-mind to maximise the potential of tests and improve efficiencies.”

The main workshop saw discussions extend beyond the parameters of discoverability and conversion, highlighting some more unusual considerations app store marketers need to consider to maximise on growth. Max Morgans, Assistant ASO Executive, remarked on some of these findings “In App Purchase (IAP) ad placements need to communicate their app clearly in the app environment to prevent unintentional downloads. Storefronts and app experience must remain consistent to communicate the true function of the app and prevent uninstalls, which ultimately harm keyword rankings.” With further insights into Apple Search Ads (ASA), App Bundles, and how to be Featured, it was clear that every app campaign needs a bespoke, personalised, strategy which can harness every aspect of App Store marketing to be successful.

Moving beyond ASO, our Head of Client Services, Andrew Platt, took to the main stage to participate in The Growth Panel. Joining speakers from Lab Cave, Skyscanner, Tripledot Studios and Mopub, Platt explored how brands can find high growth app channels in 2019. “You can’t look at your channels in isolation” he stated, “you have to look at them holistically, analysing every way they impact each other. It’s easy to get lost in all the testing, so while you need to track the evolution of your testing process, try and keep it simple.” He went on to explain how part of this holistic strategy comes down to effective segmentation, “Having a testing pot and segmenting those results against your BAU gives your campaign room to breathe and develop, allowing the out of the box ideas a chance to make their impact”. A holistic campaign also comes from taking advantage of all the data you have available, as Platt says, “feeding in creative insights into your media strategy is crucial because then you have another layer on top of your creative testing.” Testing sits at the heart of any campaign and is ultimately the best way to find the most effective way to promote your app cross-channel.

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