Report: Travel trends USA 2022

An estimated $1.05 trillion will be spent on travel in 2022

Summer vacations are well underway despite the shadow of the pandemic and rising prices. In fact, U.S. Travel has estimated that $1.05 trillion will be spent on travel in the USA this year as the pent-up demand to get away is finally realized. However, this spending is still 10% below 2019 levels, and an estimated 16% below where spending should have been if not for the pandemic.

Last year we published our first ‘Domestic Travel Trends USA’ report. This focused-on US consumer travel habits in the wake of the pandemic. In 2022 we’ve partnered with ironSource, one of the leading business platforms for the app economy to look into both overall US travel trends, and mobile specifically, to see how consumers leverage apps for their travel needs.

This report shows that despite inflation fears, and the shadow of Covid, there is an appetite for travel in the US. The report showcases what consumers want from advertisers as they book travel, where they want to stay, the trips they are planning, and where to reach them.




Of people surveyed 48.3% booked their flight through an app on their phone, and of those who booked on an app, 60.5% booked through an app already installed on their phone.

Customers are seeking new experiences, 53.2% of respondents downloaded additional apps to help them find things to do while on vacation.

Though summer is well underway, 33% of respondents travel 2 to 3 times a year, with 40% saying they travel in the spring, and 34% they will travel in the fall.

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