Report: Domestic Travel Trends USA

Find out how vacations are hotting up in the USA

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With summer hotting up we’ve released a new report; Domestic Travel Trends USA for you to download today. We found that 44% of consumers are planning to spend on travel in 2021 due to pent-up demand, restrictions easing across the country and a desire for the outdoors. From road trips to hiking, wanderlust is high in the USA right now.

For brands, there are huge opportunities to be front of mind as people book leisure time. However, there is also consumer uncertainty to navigate with demand for flexible bookings and reassurance on safety measures being influential. Our report details the US domestic travel trends of 2021, what consumers are looking for as they plan, and book their summer leisure time.

Download to find out:

?   Where people are planning to travel and how they will get there
?   The types of vacations they are planning
?   How people are researching their leisure time and what they need from brands

From accommodation to flights, car hire, and camping through to local entertainment and attractions this report will help brands make the most of consumer appetite for travel & leisure.

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