Why AI Matters for Mobile Marketers

Why AI Matters for Mobile Marketers

Philip Weiskirchen, VP of Global Sales, Jampp discusses why AI is becoming an essential tool for mobile marketers.

What aspects of Mobile Marketing will GenAI impact in the next 12 months?

Firstly, it’s essential to acknowledge that whatever aspects of AI we discuss now will likely be completely outdated in a few months due to the speed at which technology is advancing. Just by looking back at the latest breakthroughs, it is challenging to imagine what AI possibilities the future holds for marketers. 

With that in mind, we currently see two main ways AI will impact mobile marketing, and both are intrinsically linked: improving campaign performance and freeing up resources by leveraging AI to automate specific processes. There’s so much potential to explore in multiple areas. We’ve noticed that companies in our industry are jumping on board, adapting, and training their GenAI models. Jampp’s parent company (Affle) recently filed 15 patents related to AI, covering advanced AI subject areas, including automated AI agents, personalization & recommendation, predictive analysis, and enhanced fraud detection. There’s a lot of excitement on the horizon as we explore these advancements.

“If AI is used correctly, it will accelerate and automate currently manual processes, which will help marketers and their tech partners invest time more efficiently.”

Philip Weiskirchen, Jampp

How will AI enable marketers to become more efficient?

Take creative optimization as an example. Based on the principle that ‘the better the creative, the better the campaign performance,’ AI enables campaign optimization in several ways. By automating processes and thereby speeding up what has historically been manual work, creative variations can be developed and improved faster, enabling designers to be more efficient with their time. 

There are multiple elements we can iterate with AI to make ads more impactful and relevant for users. Regarding texts, there’s a need to localize content for different regions. It is now possible to use AI to generate localized copy and ‘Call to Actions (CTAs)’ that resonate with different audiences. We know that advertisers with both a global and local focus, such as those running campaigns across APAC with multiple sub-regions, usually generate many creative variations. If you consider the need for localized languages, cultural differences, etc., an advertiser could require hundreds of ad versions for just one campaign. AI provides the opportunity to hyper-localize creative units for many markets and save significant time.

This also applies to images. For example, a car manufacturer may require creative featuring a localized car model or interior (e.g. right vs. left-hand drive cars, depending on the country). You can now generate these variations in a matter of seconds using GenAI, but in the past, it would have taken hours for a human to create multiple ad versions with these specific details that make ads accurate and engaging.

The other area of creative optimization that AI will impact is making existing assets work for any creative format. For example, by resizing creative assets to be suitable for multiple channels without having to build them from scratch each time, whether it’s by using AI to enhance image resolution, automatically expand the background of an image, etc.

Improving campaign performance

Jampp is testing proprietary creative tools to automatically generate ads by collecting elements from app store landing pages. This feature is a great tool because it automatically retrieves various assets (app logo, description, images, videos) designed and highly optimized to encourage users to convert. 

Creative optimization is just a part of a bigger trend toward using AI for campaign performance enhancement. We’re also training our AI technology to understand patterns across campaigns better. We aim for this technology to interpret these learnings and provide actionable feedback to help us further improve campaign performance. 

As ever, it is important to monitor results closely. AI enables our platform to generate creative units quicker but you also need human experts overseeing the process to raise a hand if they see a red flag, provide feedback on how our AI technology is working, and ultimately ensure campaigns deliver.

AI and Analytics

If the AI understands how users behave, it can detect traffic anomalies and abnormal behavior patterns and associate that with potential fraudulent activities in ad campaigns. AI can help analysts identify overall good (and bad) attributes and establish healthy benchmarks specific to each app or industry.

Considerations for marketers when utilizing AI

Do not forget the importance of the human element and the need for human oversight when working with AI tools. AI is like a new muscle that needs to be trained to be fit for purpose, and humans are essential to ensure models are trained without bias. We believe the human eye is essential to ensure every ad AI generates and every pattern it helps identify is accurate, useful, and brand-safe.

Another aspect to consider here is privacy compliance—not just for app marketing. Every day, we use facial recognition systems and rich databases of digital photographs. We rely on AI tools to record and transcribe business meetings. It’s crucial to be mindful of the information we provide to AI models.

“AI will enable marketers to become more efficient and free up their time to focus on more creative or strategic tasks.”

About Philip

With over a decade of experience, he has contributed to Sales teams across some of the leading companies in marketing technology, attribution analytics, and programmatic advertising.

Philip played a key role in Jampp’s expansion to APAC, helping to build the team and define the go-to-market strategy for the region. Having spent over seven years at Jampp, he continues to be instrumental in growing the company’s operations and business strategy across all regions.