Innovation with TV ads is getting some real heat. We spend more & more time watching TV each year, and the classic ad format is ripe for augmentation. Microsoft’s Kinect device is just one of the many technologies vying to deliver on this.

Microsoft have sold over 67m Kinect units so far, and they recently noted that the device is now more commonly used for music and video consumption, than it is for gaming. It’s pertinent insights such as this, which are leading specialist company Brainient to create some highly interactive ads. They’ve released an XBOX Kinect ad for the upcoming movie The Hobbit, which allows viewers to swipe, zoom, and wave themselves through a whole bundle of interactive content. Check out this preview: [Watch].

With this announcement in Wired that gesture TV will soon be available in the shape of a plug & play screentop box, and that many connected TVs will also have have gesture controls built-in, the TV ads of the future could be here even sooner than we might have anticipated…


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