Saatchi offers insight into mobile landscape

This brilliant free guide from M&C Saatchi reveals just what’s going on in the mobile market right now – and how it affects you.

M&C Saatchi Performance has just published its research into recent mobile trends – and it makes for some fascinating reading.  Titled ‘Inside Mobile Advertising: Top 5 Trends and Insights‘, the guide is packed full of relevant facts, figures and analysis that shed light on this fast-moving arena. Key takeaways include:

  • Consumer time spent in mobile apps is exceeding desktops and will soon overtake TV.
  • The introduction of smaller form factor, affordable 7-inch tablets at mass market prices will likely revolutionise tablet ownership.
  • Responsive web design is a must for advertisers.
  • Ubiquitous Wi-Fi and 4G adoption will increase the opportunities for serving new rich media ad formats.
  • Social networks will invest in deeper insight in order to offer sophisticated targeting capabilities.
  • Local nuances are becoming very apparent – from the dominance of BlackBerry in Africa to the dominance of the Opera browser in India coupled with the continued loyalty to Nokia.

The guide, which features a foreword by Maurice Saatchi, addresses the following key areas:

  • The current state of the mobile advertising market: how big is it, and how will it grow in the near future?
  • Key developments in mobile and advertising technology: how technology is changing the face of mobile advertising, looking at topics including tablets, apps and app stores, real time bidding, demand side platforms, ad formats, operating systems and more.
  • The changing face of mobile advertising: how new formats and mediums including location-based advertising and the rise of social media are changing the way we approach mobile advertising.
  • Campaign tracking and measurement: how concerns over tracking are being addressed including double opt-in, click fraud and privacy.
  • The importance of being local: highlighting some key cultural differences across several territories and how these can have an impact upon any brand campaign.

‘Inside Mobile Advertising: Top 5 Trends and Insights’ report aims to provide strategic insight for brands and performance agencies on the key trends and changes in mobile that will affect advertisers during 2013, as well as some possible solutions to help overcome these challenges.


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