Regional Train Company’s Guilt Trip

There isn’t anything quite like a guilt trip from your parents. They really know how to get you at your most vulnerable, and their potency only grows over time. It’s especially bad when they’re sending forlorn, humble requests from the shires, to see you ‘when you have the time’.

A train firm in Australia has pounced on these sentiments by producing an integrated campaign few could ignore. V/Line, looking to boost leisure travel volumes, have created a dedicated microsite giving out simple instructions to empty-nesters, to create and send a guilt-inducing messages to their unwitting offspring, asking them to come home for a visit. A YouTube channel offers tips to the parents, advising reverse psychologies and persuasive nuances such as, “start the message on a positive – but end it on a negative”. Its impact hitting home…

The good-humoured campaign is supported by above-the-line activity, and has so far led to 120,000 extra trips home; a 12% increase in ticket sales. Got you by the family jewels.

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