R2D2,C-3PO, Johnny 5, Stand Aside!

It’s been a big week in Robot development. The University of Toronto has created a learning robot, used for rehabilitating stroke victims. According to The Verge, the new robot has Artificial Intelligence (AI) which allows it to taylor rehabilitation to individual patients – exciting progress.

Elsewhere, apparently key to developing better AI, a new robot has been developed that mimics the human body’s interactions – the first of its kind. It is hoped that with physical understanding, robots’ AI will improve: [Watch].

(We imagine no-one is more excited than this man, who has been busily developing interactive posters to mimic kissing… [Watch])

Next, three leading universities in the US are to develop ‘print-your-own’, ready to go robots, which the US National Science Foundation is calling ‘a game-changer’. [Read On].

Here in the UK, be ready for the imminent re-release of the University of Cambridge backed Raspberry Pi, which passed its safety checks this week. It’s the experimental credit card-sized computer that will soon be inviting innovation in schools and businesses up and down the country. Potential. [Watch].


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