Encouraging consumers to jump directly from a poster to an online experience has never been easy. QR codes and Augmented Reality tags have widely been preferred in the industry, but both have asked the consumer to learn a slightly new behaviour, often without great enough reward. And while NFC is likely to tick many boxes, we were particularly impressed with a recent innovation in South Korea, which is seeking to transform outdoor posters into an immediately more engaging and interactive experience.

In partnership with media company Chiel, Film distributor CJ Entertainment has created a WiFi Poster, which emits a standard WiFi network signal. Consumers are invited to select a poster’s specific signal on their smartphone, which directly links them to further digital content, inlcuding HD movie trailers and even buying movie tickets on the spot. [Watch].

Asking consumers to select a WiFi network appeals to a well-conditioned behaviour, and the medium has already proven incredibly popular, with traffic to the official movie sites rising 29% – and dwell time increasing fivefold. It’s such a simple innovation, and it’s having a very real impact.


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