How To Successfully Launch Your App And Scale It Into New Markets

How To Successfully Launch Your App And Scale It Into New Markets

App marketing plays a crucial role in introducing your mobile app to new users, boosting engagement, and converting leads into valuable customers. Leveraging our rich mobile heritage and award-winning track record, we offer a comprehensive suite of app marketing services to help you achieve your goals.

Here’s how we can help brands take their app marketing to new levels:

New App Launch: Marketing Strategy Stages

While a new application launch takes place on a definite D-day, there is a flurry of activities preceding and succeeding it. Here’s a high-level view of the launch stages to consider and prepare for:

1. Awareness or Pre-Launch Stage

This stage takes place well before the new application launch. Here are a few marketing strategies that you will employ before launching your app:

#1 Create the App’s Landing Page

Build an engaging landing page that lists the key features and benefits of your app. This page may contain contact forms to collect lead information and update or notify them of the new application launch.

#2 App Store Optimisation (ASO) Research

Listing your app on the app store with ASO in mind is more effective than retrospectively fixing a listing. As such, look into ASO to discover relevant keywords that you can incorporate into app titles and other metadata to improve visibility.

#3 Content Marketing

Even before the new application launch, marketers should start publishing rich and informative content to create a buzz around the app. Whether you do it through guest blogs or over social media and forums depends entirely on your industry segment.

2. Acquisition Stage

Right after the new application launch, you need to get started with user acquisition. Getting high volumes of downloads within the first few weeks since launch is a positive trend that can even get you featured on the app store. Here’s how you can get such results:

#1 Implement ASO

Keep optimizing your app’s metadata and rich media repository to gain increased visibility. Encourage users to leave reviews and feedback and respond to positive and negative feedback promptly.

#2 Launch Paid Campaigns

Kickstart paid advertising campaigns across social media, mobile ad networks, and search engines to reach a wider audience. However, make sure to configure such campaigns to match your target audience profile along the parameters of demographic, geographic, psychographic, and behavioral details.

#3 Involve Influencers

Influencer marketing is a more refined form of WOM marketing. Identify the key influencers within your industry and collaborate with them to drive awareness before and after the new application launch.

3. Retention Stage

Apart from reach, impressions, and downloads, marketers must also track metrics surrounding user activity. At the same time, they should run retargeting and retention campaigns to get optimum results here. The following strategies can come in handy for retention:

#1 Gamify App Experience

Gamification improves engagement and motivates users to complete tasks. As such, rewards, checklists, and leaderboards can have a habit-forming effect on users.

#2 Personalise User Journey

Embed elements of personalization throughout the user journey to establish a closer connection. Personalized push notifications or in-app messages can drive engagement and accelerate the user journey toward the “aha” moment.

#3 Start Loyalty Programs

Start a loyalty program to engage and delight loyal app users with rewards, discounts, or exclusive features.

4. Expansion Stage

Now that the new application launch is well behind us and the app has managed to gain traction, you can focus on expansion using the following techniques:

#1 Redefine User Acquisition

You will have to tweak user acquisition campaigns to match the newer target audiences. Once again, you will have to launch a mix of paid and organic campaigns to generate awareness and get downloads.

#2 Form Strategic Alliances

Partner with local and allied businesses, organizations, or even influencers to piggyback on their success. Such associations will unlock cross-promotion opportunities to dive deeper into the target market.

#3 Prioritise Customer Support and Feedback

Whether it is offering support to loyal customers or handling customer reviews on various platforms, proactive action will display that you care about your users and encourage new ones to join in.

#4 Localise The App

Diversify across geographies to localize the language, currency, content, and even the user experience. Also, factor in any cultural norms or considerations that will influence app usability.


New app launch and scaling it for new markets requires a strategic approach spanning four core stages:

  • Awareness – where you focus on developing a brand and create awareness around it.
  • Acquisition – where you leverage paid and organic campaigns to earn downloads.
  • Retention – where you convert existing users into paying customers or long-term associates.
  • Expansion – where you enter a new or local market and rinse and repeat the above steps in a targeted manner.

The above strategies can make it easy to launch and scale apps against dynamic landscapes.


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