How to plan an Impactful Mobile User Acquisition Strategy

How to plan an Impactful Mobile User Acquisition Strategy

Today’s digital landscape changes constantly. Businesses need to make sure they keep the pace with advances in consumer culture, technology and online regulations. Adapting to mobile data privacy changes has been of particular interest to marketers. Particularly, when it comes to mobile user acquisition campaigns.

In this blog, we’ll provide you with four mobile user acquisition strategies. These strategies follow the latest best practices for attracting customers to your business. We’ll also look at the changes to mobile data privacy in more detail. This will enable you to better understand how to build effective user acquisition campaigns.

The Mobile Data Privacy Landscape

User acquisition relies on the ability to gather information on consumers. The correct demographic cannot be targeted without first having adequate information on their activity. As such, the imminent removal of third-party cookies for most popular browsers is a significant concern for marketers. Safari and Firefox have already blocked cookies by default. Google Chrome, the most popular browser overall, is set to remove cookies by late 2023.

Luckily, there are still options for marketers looking to target and acquire mobile users. While third-party cookies are out, marketers can still collect information directly from consumers (i.e. first-party data).

It’s also possible to acquire data by partnering with larger platforms. While third party cookies are blocked, social media platforms like Linkedin, Facebook, etc, continue to collect first-party data. This data can be easily leveraged by marketers that are advertising on these platforms.

Some key areas to focus on to boost your Mobile User Acquisition effort

Leveraging ASO to improve visibility

App store optimisation, is the process of increasing your app’s visibility on an app store like Google Play and the iOS App Store. App stores are one of the primary drivers of app discovery — by focusing on specific keywords and targeting particular app categories, you can acquire a significant number of new users.

Developing First Party Data Strategies

While third-party cookies won’t be an available data source for much longer, first-party data is still a hugely important part of identifying your customers. You can acquire first-party data internally, by gathering information from users via your website and during other interactions.

Additionally, you can use first-party data from social media platforms or search engines and target users with highly-specific ads that are relevant to them. Data-driven marketing agencies like M&C Saatchi Performance can also provide you with reports indicating the most useful and actionable aspects of any first-party data.

Driving results through Influencer Marketing

Influencer marketing, whether paid or organic, is a great way to acquire new users without having to gather extensive information beforehand. You’ll still need to identify an influencer that aligns with the preferences of your target audience, but doing so doesn’t require the type of highly specific data that you get from user tracking tools.

Maintaining consistency in Organic Marketing efforts

ASO is an important form of organic marketing, but it’s far from the only one. By auditing and optimising other customer-facing portions of your business (namely your website and your social media), you can attract users without having to set aside a large advertising budget. However, it’s still a smart move to hire a marketing agency that can complete the keyword research to a high standard.

Organic marketing also allows you to complement your paid campaigns and test new ideas for free. For example, you can experiment with different types of content like blog articles, videos, podcasts and more, and see how your online following reacts or engages. Once you’ve found new content ideas or formats that work, you can incorporate them into your paid advertising for maximal effect.

M&C Saatchi Performance: Your mobile marketing experts

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