What is Mobile User Acquisition Advertising?

Mobile user acquisition refers to the process of converting your target audience for your app or website from prospective users into active ones.

It’s typically the very last stage in the traditional marketing funnel since you need to establish brand awareness and educate your audience on the benefits of your platform. It’s also one of the most important parts of growing your digital platform since it can help you demonstrate your value to lenders and investors and accelerate long-term growth goals.

The benefits of Mobile User Acquisition

Improve your

We can help you grow your user base, driving revenue in the form of purchases, installs, subscriptions, conversions and more. By combining performance and awareness campaigns, we leverage digital media to have a strong positive impact on your business growth.

Derive insight from
user analytics

Users generate lots of data while using your app or website that can be recorded and analysed. This can help you in seeing what’s stopping users from spending more time on your platform or completing transactions and implementing changes to increase the time they spend on your platform.

The network

As you start growing your app or website, you’ll notice users start to recommend their favourite apps and websites. These interactions make user acquisition slightly easier as more and more people join your platform, allowing you to focus more on retention and long-term development goals.

Our Mobile User Acquisition Services

Mobile acquisition strategy

Our seasoned team has been around long enough to know what works and what doesn’t. We’ll guide you through the user acquisition process and create a detailed strategy tailored to your unique business needs.

Multi-channel performance

Our extensive research into your brand, audience and market helps identify the best channels to capture your new customers.

Brand awareness

We work on expanding your brand awareness and educating your target audience, so more people are familiar with your app or website and why they should use it.

Lead generation (B2B & B2C)

Across industries and disciplines, we’ll find and identify the ideal customers for your brand, to give you the best ROI.


We share regular performance updates to give you total transparency and ensure success is focused on your business objectives.

Creative & Content support

Our team of expert designers and writers can provide support throughout the content creation process and help you create impactful digital ads.

Why choose us as your Mobile User Acquisition Agency?

We are committed to discovering everything we need to know about your brand. When working with us, you can expect to receive:


As a leading mobile user acquisition agency, we fully understand the value of coordinated digital ad campaigns. That’s exactly why we draw on a broad range of digital solutions to create an integrated and impactful user acquisition strategy.


Through extensive testing, we ensure your entire user acquisition strategy is backed by data and delivers an effective campaign to drive conversions. We respond to campaign trends as they happen, keeping your marketing efforts fresh.


We can advise on the entire user acquisition journey, so if you’re at an earlier stage in your business and still need to build brand awareness or educate your audience, we’re able to support you in creating an effective user acquisition campaign.

Our Mobile User Acquisition Process


We examine your goals and challenges, and get to the very heart of your brand. We then create a comprehensive strategy, drawing from customer trends and competitor analyses, ensuring your campaign is tailored according to your business needs.

Campaign execution
and experimentation

We execute your user acquisition strategy and conduct tests across different media channels, so we can hone your performance and deliver maximal ROI. This includes extensive audience targeting and campaign optimisation across each platform.

and reporting

We ensure reliable customer engagement levels and sustainable user acquisition via customer retargeting, so your ad budget is as effective as possible. We document every step of your campaign, so you can see what’s worked for future reference.

Our clients

Our industry accolades

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