How to get ahead with SKAN

How to get ahead with SKAN

SKAdNetwork (SKAN) has redefined iOS media measurement and optimization. Despite initial challenges, each SKAN update has provided more granular data, empowering advertisers to understand media performance better and streamline optimization. Released in 2022, SKAN 4.0 was a big step forward, giving us enhanced tools for insightful yet privacy-conscious advertising. Here is a summary of SKAN to date and best practice tips for mobile advertisers.

The key offerings of SKAN 4.0 include:

  • Hierarchical Source Identifiers: Expanding the campaign identifier field from two to four digits, SKAN 4.0 allows advertisers more granular control and interpretation of campaign data.
  • Hierarchical Conversion Values: With SKAN 4.0, advertisers now have two conversion values at their disposal – a fine-grained value for high privacy threshold scenarios and a coarse-grained value for medium privacy threshold cases. This offers a better understanding of campaign value and impact.
  • Multiple Conversion Windows: No more struggling with a single post back! SKAN 4.0 allows advertisers to measure re-engagement through three specific time windows (0-2 days, 3-7 days, and 8-35 days), thus providing a more dynamic and comprehensive view of user behavior.
  • Web-to-App Attribution: Bridging the gap between web and app environments, SKAN 4.0 now supports click attributions for ads shown in Safari that lead users to an app’s App Store product page. This gives a tremendous boost to cross-channel attribution and monetization.

Best practices advertisers should implement to leverage SKAN 4.0:

  • Upgrade to the Latest Version: Ensure you have updated to the latest version of SKAN, which is currently 4.0, to benefit from the latest features and improvements.
  • Understand Hierarchical Values: Utilize the new Hierarchical Source Identifiers and Conversion Values (fine-grained and coarse-grained) to derive more accurate insights into user behavior and value.
  • Optimize Conversion Value Management: Experiment with your Conversion Value mapping to ensure you are capturing the most meaningful data for your business objectives.
  • Leverage Multiple Conversion Windows: Utilize the three conversion windows to understand user behavior and conversion events at different stages post-install. This can help you understand the value users bring to your app over specific periods, informing your strategies for user retention and monetization.
  • Diversify Channels with Web-to-App Attribution: Expand your marketing efforts across the web and app environments, to take advantage of SKAN 4.0 support for web-to-app conversions.
  • Adopt Privacy-Centric Practices: Follow Apple’s guidelines to maintain user trust and avoid discouraged practices like fingerprinting.
  • Adopt a Cohort-Based Approach: Utilize the data from Multiple Conversion Windows to track ROI on a cohort basis, which can provide a more detailed understanding of user behavior over time.
  • Analyze and Iterate: Continuously evaluate your data and adjust your strategies to maximize performance, and pay attention to trends and insights that could drive future campaigns.
  • Invest in a Business Intelligence (BI) Solution: To manage the complexities introduced with SKAN 4.0, consider investing in a BI solution to help the process, normalize, and unify your data for more straightforward analysis and insightful decision-making.
  • Test Extensively: Harness the increased granularity offered by the Hierarchical Source Identifiers to conduct in-depth testing of your ad creatives and formats. This can help optimize your campaigns based on what resonates most with your target audience.

Remember that implementing these best practices requires constant evaluation and iteration of your strategies to ensure optimal performance. The landscape of mobile advertising is continuously evolving, particularly regarding privacy and data use, and it is crucial to stay agile and adaptable in response to these changes.

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