Report: Advertising in the Privacy Era: A guide for mobile marketers

Deepdive into Advertising post ATT

The dawn of ATT shook the world of mobile marketing, but it also meant new opportunities for better data practices. 

Our guide to Advertising in the Privacy Era lays out effective new strategies to implement and resources to cultivate today, including:

  • Maximizing your ROAS on mobile by following the data, going programmatic, and thinking content first.
  • To get better results, you need better testing. To get better testing in the post-ATT era, brands must be more deliberate than ever about what kinds of data they collect.
  • Circumventing privacy restrictions through device fingerprinting is a losing battle, but investing in better data science will pay dividends for years to come.

Featuring contributions from Branch and InMobi we hope you will find this useful. If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact us at


I’m optimistic that Google’s approach to mobile privacy will cause fewer ripples compared to what we experienced with ATT. Alex Bauer, Head of Product & Market Strategy, Branch

Beyond iOS, Android continues to be an effective testbed. Incrementality testing is key to understanding what aspects of a campaign create the best results. Dane Buchanan, Global Director of Data, Analytics, and Tech, M&C Saatchi Performance

By embracing new strategies and doubling down on methods that don’t need device IDs to work, advertisers can ensure their mobile ROAS keeps trending in the right direction. Srinivas KC, Vice President & General Manager, InMobi DSP

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