Expansion of Apple Search Ads

An insight from Faye Nash, Biddable Manager.

Apple have announced the launch of 46 new countries and regions available for targeting in their Apple Search Ads platform, presenting exciting new opportunities and fresh challenges for campaigns. Brands can use this as an opportunity to grow, whether this is by entering new markets, expanding existing media plans or introducing their products into untapped areas. The opportunity goes beyond pure acquisition, also presenting a chance to reengage existing users.

With the possibility of a new channel in a new market, the launch allows brands to scale up iOS app marketing activity. As well as being a key platform for app discovery, Apple Search is a more efficient space to bid on competitor terms in comparison to Google. Apple also has a unique targeting capability where you can reach those who have used one of a brands’ existing apps or return users, ensuring maximum engagement.

At M&C Saatchi Performance we are eager to test these new markets and while this announcement is an opportunity, there are also new challenges for us to consider. Untested territories bring about subtle differences in the way campaigns are run, from bidding to extensive competitor research in each market. Despite this, our skilled team put us in the best position to take advantage of this expansion for the benefit of our clients.

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