App Trends for Growth Marketers, chapter #2

App Trends for Growth Marketers, chapter #2

Chapter #2: All about AI. The advantages and challenges for marketers

In the next chapter of the new ‘App Trends for Growth Marketers’ series, the M&C Saatchi Performance team has dug into AI and its role in growth marketing.

Reminder: In this new ‘App Trends’ content series, we will explore five key growth opportunities for marketers. The agency team has identified these as topics or subjects that marketers should seize in 2024 to stay ahead of the ever-changing digital media landscape.

The App Trends series will cover the following:

  • Chapter 1: Cookie Deprecation is here – read now
  • Chapter 2: All About AI. The advantages and challenges for marketers
  • Chapter 3: The growing significance of Apple – coming soon
  • Chapter 4: The TikTok User Base Peaks – available in May
  • Chapter 5: A new dawn for social apps – available in May

Advantages and Challenges of AI Tools for App Marketing

AI encompasses computer vision, machine learning, natural language processing, and predictive analytics. We are experiencing a reshaping of media activity due to the rapid development of artificial intelligence tools, which are influencing how we plan, create, and measure media activity.


  • Enhanced Targeting: AI algorithms identify high-value audiences for precise ad targeting.
  • Personalized Creative Content: AI generates personalized ad copy and assets tailored to individual users.
  • Real-time Performance Optimization: AI continuously monitors and optimizes campaign performance.


  • Complexity and Expertise: AI tools require specialized expertise and ongoing training.
  • Stakeholder Buy-in: Gaining buy-in for new AI technologies can be challenging.
  • Data Privacy Concerns: Using user data in AI models raises privacy concerns.

AI integration in campaigns


  • AI algorithms identify relevant users based on demographics, interests, behavior, and brand interactions.
  • Right people see ads, increasing positive outcomes.


  • AI-powered tools analyze campaign data in real time.
  • User behavior, ad performance, and conversion rate insights are provided.
  • Data-driven decisions and continuous campaign optimization are enabled.


  • AI enhances campaign measurement by tracking KPIs across channels and devices.
  • A holistic view of campaign effectiveness, accurate attribution, and ad spend optimization are facilitated.


  • Generative AI interprets data and provides human-like narratives on campaign performance and actions.

AI’s Creative Revolution in Campaigns

AI can transform the creative aspect of campaigns in several ways:

  • Personalized Ad Copy: AI tools can generate personalized ad copy tailored to individual users, increasing engagement and conversions.
  • AI-supported Creative Reporting: AI can analyze creative assets to identify the key elements that drive success, helping create more effective campaigns.
  • Dynamic Creative Optimization: AI can optimize creative assets in real time based on ad performance and user behavior, ensuring the most effective elements are used.
  • AI-powered Storytelling: AI can assist in crafting compelling narratives that resonate with target audiences, enhancing emotional connection and brand recall.

AI will Transform App Marketing in 2024

The future of app marketing holds exciting AI advancements:

  • Predictive Performance Modeling: AI will provide a more accurate understanding of campaign performance across multiple channels and devices, optimizing media budgets and maximizing performance.
  • AI-driven Creative Personalization: AI could personalize ad creatives in real-time based on user context and micro-moments, maximizing engagement and conversion potential.
  • Predictive Customer Analytics: AI can predict customer behavior and preferences, enabling proactive engagement and churn prevention.

Enhancing Client Success with AI

We’re committed to harnessing AI’s power to deliver exceptional results for our clients with a range of offerings such as:

  • Creative Analytics: AI tools help us test and choose the most effective ad creatives for specific channels and audiences, ensuring optimal creative performance.

  • Predictive Insights: AI-powered data models measure the impact of media activity, optimize targeting/media budgets, and enhance campaign performance.
  • Real-time Reporting: AI-supported solutions optimize data preparation and reporting dashboards. We’re testing Large Language Models for real-time, human-like reporting narratives.
  • Continuous Learning: We continuously explore the latest AI advancements, evaluating their potential impact on our agency and clients’ campaigns. We strive to distinguish AI fact from fiction.

In Summary

AI is transforming digital marketing, and we are certain it will benefit our agency’s operations and clients’ ROI. We believe AI works best when combined with human expertise. Our team of experienced media professionals is harnessing AI to create impactful, data-driven, and personalized app marketing campaigns. By utilizing AI alongside human expertise, client campaigns can be optimized, and real business results can be achieved.

If you are working on future-proofing measurement please read the Measurement Health Check, available and free here;

Do you have any questions about using AI for growth marketing, or do you want to hear how we can help your brand grow?