Measurement Health Check, how to measure digital marketing without cookies

Measurement Health Check, how to measure digital marketing without cookies

Introducing ‘The Growth Marketers Measurement Health Check’, a free guide to ensuring digital measurement is fit for purpose. Why is this important?

There is no escape from the fact more changes are on the way for growth marketers. Transformations such as cookie deprecation will mean a host of data signals that we, as marketers, have relied on to manage and measure the impact of marketing campaigns will no longer be available. The good news is our specialist data consultancy services will enable advertisers to prepare for success and put together this guide to help advertisers understand how to prepare.

Next year, another set of seismic changes will occur in digital marketing. For example, thanks to cookie deprecation, the impact will be significant, with up to 80% of users untrackable by the end of 2025.

As this table shows, the % of web and mobile users for whom cookies and device identifiers could be blocked is significant.

Q1 2024 End of 2024 End of 2025
(worst case scenario)

What the Growth Marketers Health Check covers

This guide covers three measurement areas advertisers need to succeed: Attribution, Incrementality and Media Mix Models.

The benefits of these three strategies are:

  • Refinement of media plans based on insights and campaign performance
  • Driving Growth through ROI

The Measurement Health Check covers:

  • The importance of the measurement triangle: Attribution, Incrementality, and Media Mix Models
  • Do’s and dont’s of Measurement
  • Solutions for success

Example page from the Measurement Heath Check

Why is a Measurement Health Check important?

Ensuring marketing campaigns are optimized is essential to meeting KPIs, but are your measurement methods as healthy as the campaigns they are measuring? 

In an increasingly complex and privacy-centric marketing landscape, the precision of media measurement and, therefore, ROI has never been more critical. 

Effective measurement is the key to understanding and maximizing the impact of your media investments.

“There is no one-size-fits-all solution for media measurement. Instead, advertisers should consider a ‘measurement triangle’. The three elements of the triangle are; Attribution, Incrementality, and Media Mix Models. Combining these approaches enables marketers to understand the effectiveness of their campaigns and how to optimize ROAS.” 

Dane Buchanan, Chief Data and Analytics Officer

Read through this guide and ask yourself if the techniques in place internally will enable your brand to measure the impact of media campaigns if up to 80% of the audience is no longer trackable. 

If the answer is no, then please contact us!

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