Webinar: Keeping Hold of Your Covid-19 Customers

Keeping Hold of Your Covid-19 Customers

Digitally born businesses have been perfectly placed to meet the changing demands of consumers during the pandemic. From streaming services, to video calls, to e-commerce, some brands have seen a surge in demand – but are they ready for their new audiences?

In our latest Inside webinar, our team discuss how to retain those new personas gained in the past year. Their behaviour, user journey, and interests (all real interests in performance marketing), may be unlike anything your business has known before, so what do you need to do to keep them engaged?

We’ll be discussing:

1) Why you need real-time data to maintain an agile marketing strategy

2) What it takes to build a holistic view of your new/changing consumers

3) How you can use digital media to execute your effective targeting on new personas



Lavinea Morris

Senior Director, Planning

With over eight years at the agency, Lavinea now leads our EMEA Planning team, ensuring bespoke media plans for brands including Amazon, EDF Energy, and Bethesda. Working across a range of industries, Lavinea has built her expertise on finding effective channels to achieve the best return on media spend. By remaining agile, Lavinea has transformed marketing strategies to connect brands to consumers in the most efficient way possible.


Niki Patel

Director, Search & Social

Niki heads our Search and Social team, having been at the agency for over five years. An expert on social platforms, Niki knows what advertising placement, creative, and messaging will resonate with the rapidly evolving modern consumer. Building effective targeting strategies for world-leading brands, Niki has helped unlock new audiences as well as retaining core demographics.