Webinar: Webinar: Drive Digital Transformation Through Media

Webinar: Drive Digital Transformation Through Media

We’ve relaunched our ‘Inside’ webinar series by taking a look at the impact covid has had on digital transformation and how media fits into the equation.

Businesses across the globe are undergoing a level of digitisation they thought was years away, with 97% of enterprise decision-makers reporting the pandemic is speeding up their digital transformation journey. As they dive into the digital space, there are both opportunities and challenges for those unfamiliar with the online world. It takes more than simply existing online to take your business digital.

In this webinar, we looked at some of the transformation success stories, those who have used the last six months to adapt, restructure, and in some cases, completely reinvent themselves. We explained how the journey cannot end by simply repositioning online – your marketing must move with your business. The key points of focus when changing your digital media strategy when undergoing a transformation include:

  • Adapting to a mobile-first mindset – How to reach your target audience in the most effective and relevant way possible
  • Switching to an integrated business approach – How to stop looking at your departments, channels, and insights in silo
  • Building a robust data framework – How to navigate the increasingly complex world of data to create a personalised experience



James Shepherd

Managing Director, EMEA

James is the Managing Director for the EMEA region of M&C Saatchi Performance, shaping the strategic direction of the agency and driving the business forward. Prior to working at M&C Saatchi Performance, James has held leadership roles Havas, DF London, and Ogilvy, where he developed his specialism for helping brands understand and leverage digital ecosystems in order to resonate with the modern consumer.


Turan Kasimova

With over 9 years in Performance Marketing, Turan has worked across the variety of clients and industries including Travel, Finance, Gaming, and Entertainment ensuring that the buying team stay at the forefront of innovation across the media mix.

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