Case Study: Increasing ROAS for Mobile Premier League


Increase In GMV/User


Increase in ROAS Day 30


Increase in ROAS Day 7

Brand: Mobile Premier League

Market: US

Channels used: Programmatic

Background: Popular Mobile Gaming Platform

Mobile Premier League (MPL) is a leading mobile platform where users can compete in multiple skill-based mobile gaming tournaments in return for cash prizes.

Objective: Increase ROAS By Growing GMV/USER

MPL’s primary objective was to increase ROAS% by enhancing their user journey to the app.

Challenge: Competitive Industry

Acquiring users and keeping them engaged and retained in a highly competitive real-money gaming industry requires constant innovation in features, events, and promotions to prevent user churn.

Our Approach

Guided by insights from MPL team, we delved into user behavior across all MPL games, considering factors such as engagement, time spent, retention, and GMV (Gross Merchandise Value).

Based on our research, we saw higher gross merchandise value from card games like Ginrummy, Spades, and 3cardflush which is why we shifted our media focus to promoting card games.

For an enhanced user journey in the card category, we focused on 3 main pillars:

Creatives: Influencer and testimonial content, coupled with gameplay, played a crucial role in user acquisition.

CPP (Custom Product Page): Provided users with a comprehensive view of card games to enhance their understanding.

First-Game Experience: Ensured users experienced the same card game as their first, optimizing initial interactions

The Execution

To enrich user journeys within the card category, we implemented three main strategies:

  1. Enhancing creatives by showcasing influencers, gameplay, and testimonials.
  2. Developing custom product pages offering comprehensive information on card games.
  3. Optimizing the first-game experience, ensuring the first interaction with the app is with a card game



Strategic Enhancements

In Week 44, we made strategic changes across major platforms like Video Gaming and Programmatic, shifting focus to highlight card games, specifically Ginrummy, 3CF, and Spades.

These games were chosen due to their high revenue generation potential. By altering creatives, Custom Product Pages (CPP), and the first-game experience to emphasize these card games, we saw a significant improvement in performance: the GMV/user doubled, while (ROAS) increased by 40%.


Our combined efforts helped MPL to drive:

2X increase in GMV/ User

30% increase in ROAS Day 30

40% increase in ROAS Day 7

A few words from
Mobile Premier League

‘Our collaboration with M&C Saatchi Performance is continually advancing our growth in the US market. It’s commendable how they’ve contributed to a
substantial increase in our ROAS. The outcomes speak volumes about the experience of the team and their ability to understand our target audience, craft compelling creatives, and optimize our user journey effectively.’

Sandesh Gupta

Head of Digital Marketing at MPL – US

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