Team Talk, with Chris Khan

Team Talk, with Chris Khan

Chris Khan works from our New York office and has recently been promoted to Supervisor, Search & Social.


How long have you been working at M&C Saatchi Performance?

I’ve been here for about 2 years now and have been enjoying it!


What are your roles & responsibilities?

Within my new role as a Supervisor, I am still performing my previous duties in addition to working with my team members to tackle interesting projects, shape their goals and working environment, as well as working as a strategist for our clients. These all fall under my main roles, but I am looking to expand into growth opportunities and performance marketing optimizations for our clients. The transition to this new type of work is a challenge I’m looking forward to diving deeper into.


Tell us about what an average day looks like?

I normally have open mornings to really dive into my workload for the day to get ahead of any potential deliverables. I typically have meetings throughout the afternoon and evening that makes time management skills critical but since we’re all currently remote, I can enjoy cooking / preparing my own meals for the day between them. Then I’ll round off the evening with any emails and responses for the team before signing off for some R&R.


Talk us through your career path so far, how did you get to M&C Saatchi Performance?

I was previously at an agency that focused on smaller clients and budgets which rolled out a similar cookie-cutter program for all their clients that made work stale and capped my learning opportunities at a certain level. I knew I wanted to grow my digital marketing skills not only where I was comfortable expanding but in a whole new sector. For me, I found that opportunity in M&C Saatchi Performance. Here the Search & Social teams are combined into one group that knows how to manage both parts of digital advertising. We have also won awards and had recognition in the industry working with app-focused clients. Knowing that the advertising partners I worked with had solutions for apps that I was never able to use before in the past, and now being able to work with an agency that utilized all aspects of these partners is exciting.


What do you like about working for M&C Saatchi Performance?

I love the culture M&C Saatchi Performance promotes for its employees and the care that goes into making sure our voices are heard and considered in all aspects of the business, especially while we are all remote. I also think our leadership teams are experts in their fields and I definitely feel I am working with the best of the best in the industry with webinars, talks, and articles from them that showcase their knowledge.


What is the best & worst piece of advice you have had in your career?

The best advice I’ve gotten: Don’t try to do everything, ask for help when you need it and not after things go south. I know myself very well and sometimes I bite off more than I can chew. Asking for help from your team or colleagues shouldn’t be a problem if you’re working with people you trust! Just be honest about what you can achieve and stick to that.

The worst advice I’ve gotten: Stick to the grind. Some people think grinding hard at a job for countless hours is a badge of honor while I believe that working smarter and understanding your limit is important not only for your quality of work but also for your mental health. That’s not to say working hard on something you believe in isn’t important, it’s equally important to factor in rest and recovery!


What is your most memorable M&C Saatchi Performance moment?

My most memorable memory here would be the countless times we spent in person at the office playing card games together on a Friday night. We’re definitely a group that works hard and loves to have fun too.


There are currently several open positions in the M&C Saatchi Performance teams, please visit our LinkedIn page or Careers section to find out more.