Team Talk, with Brixton Barron

Team Talk, with Brixton Barron

How long have you been working at M&C Saatchi Performance?

6 months.


Describe your role at the agency.

I am the Assistant Media Buyer for the Los Angeles office and I support the buying team on several duties in campaign management. Some of my main responsibilities include reporting, fraud prevention, media planning, reconciliation, and writing up client deliverables.


What does a normal working day look like?

I go through emails in the morning and handle communication with our partners on optimizations or looking at where we might need to troubleshoot. Then I look at my to-do list for the week and see which tasks I need to prioritize first, for example, I check reports are accurate and write up regular status communications for clients. Often throughout the day, there will be meetings with clients or our external partners. Towards the end of the day, I will have already completed my main tasks, so I’ll finish it off by going through any last emails I need to respond to.


Talk us through your career path so far.

I studied Marketing Management in my undergrad and took up different internships in the marketing space (for example content creation, email marketing etc). My university hosted several agency tours in Los Angeles and I admired the atmosphere. Advertising stuck out to me, and I had a goal to work in an agency after I graduated. I’m lucky to have found M&C Saatchi Performance during the pandemic and the opportunities for my career have been tremendously helpful.


What do you like about working here?

I have loved working with the people here. Starting my first full-time job in the pandemic wasn’t easy, but everyone has been so welcoming and helpful since day one. The communication with people in my team and others has been valuable, and I’m grateful for the way my team is helping shape me.


What is the best & worst piece of advice you’ve had about careers?

The best advice I’ve had is to try as many things as you can while you’re young. I’ve tried out different roles in and outside of marketing, and I’ve connected with amazing people in these different fields while also figuring out what I like.

The worst advice I’ve gotten was “take any job you can for the experience.” This was when the pandemic just hit and I was in my last semester about to graduate. I was most likely competing with hundreds of other people who just lost their jobs. Instead, I started my own side hustle and had fun doing it. Then, when I was ready to apply for jobs, I persisted to find myself in the advertising space.


What is your most memorable experience since starting work?

After months of being isolated, I traveled from SF to LA for 6 hours to finally meet everyone face-to-face at the 15-Year Anniversary Party. I had so much fun meeting everyone again because I’ve only seen the top half of them on Zoom. I didn’t know how tall or short anyone was, and it was a great surprise! This event made me realize how happy and grateful I am to be a part of this company.


There are currently several open positions in the M&C Saatchi Performance teams, please visit our LinkedIn page or Careers section to find out more.