Roshat Adnani joins Campaign Connect

Roshat Adnani joins Campaign Connect

The new commerce reality of today has forced brands to adapt, with online shopping becoming the number one option for consumers, while e-commerce giants and super apps hold the balance of power. Will we continue to see a rise of D2C brands in Asia or will this trend buckle under the pressure of economic decline?

On June 3, our Country Director Indonesia, Roshat Adnani, will join a panel on commerce and new power players at Campaign Connect to discuss the rise of the subscription economy in Asia, creative opportunities for brands success and the future of direct-to-consumer retail.

Campaign Connect is a unique two-day global event bringing adland together to discuss the latest insights and advice on how to get back to business and back to growth after the recent slow down due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Through a mix of live webinars, discussions and case studies, leaders from media, marketing and advertising will share experiences, opinions and ideas across Asia Pacific, Europe and North America.

Are brick-and-mortar brands losing out by not going D2C and relying on e-commerce and super app delivery platforms? Join us on the 3rd of June to hear Roshat’s point of view.