Nissan Leaf’s Big Turn On

Nissan have been working hard to promote their electric car. And they set themselves quite an ambitious mission. In a one hundred day Europe-wide social media campaign, they wanted to achieve 1m ‘turn ons’ to electric driving, using social media channels. It was called the The Big Turn On [Watch], and it’s proven just that.

UsingĀ The Big Turn On platform as a central focal point, hundreds of advocates were recruited, each competing to turn their friends to electric driving and in the process attempting to win various prizes, including tablet computers, and even the car itself. The latest part of the massive online push saw “Tweet Rank” taxis at various spots in London, offering people a free lift to their destination in exchange for a simple tweet, in order to keep social buzz volumes high – and to get the car out and about.

The campaign hit its target with 18 days to spare, and Nissan will be hoping that it will start to pay dividends in sales. If the idea is strong enough, social media allows brands to be as ambitious as they wish.

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