Galaxy S4 will hurt Android rivals, face off with new iPhone, predicts analyst

As Samsung prepares to unveil its Galaxy S4 smartphone in ten days time, analysts are already forecasting the impact the device will have.

James Hilton, M&C Saatchi Performance CEO believes Samsung’s new flagship smartphone will outperform its predecessor whilst pushing the leading phone maker to an even greater share of the Android market. The huge sales of the S3 were surprising to some, yet it proved that consumers were longing for choice at the premium end of the market. The S3’s specs were great and, importantly, it looked different but as good as the iPhone. Finally, the S3 was cheaper,” Hilton told T3.

That’s bad news for HTC, Nokia, LG and Samsung’s other rivals in the Android market, who are already struggling to compete with the South Korean firm and its stranglehold on the high-end Android market. However, Apple, Samsung’s biggest rival, is unlikely to be hurt by the device, believes Hilton as the two firms’ devices are set to fight it out for smartphone supremacy in 2013.

Whilst the Galaxy S4 will have the jump on Apple’s next device, with its release set for ten days time, Apple is rumoured to be readying a new iPhone smartphone for a potential August release.

“Are you an iPhone or a Samsung person? This is a question that sparks passionate debate,” he added. “This social element will be fundamental to the S4’s adoption and growth, particularly with a new iPhone on the horizon.”

Ahead of its launch on March 14th, more images hinting of the Samsung’s Galaxy S4’s capabilities have leaked. Sammobile initially reported to be of the Galaxy S4, it has since emerged that the screenshots are in fact of the Android 4.2.1 firmware for the Galaxy S3. However, the site has since reported that the insider who leaked the images as confirmed that the new device would indeed boast the feature.

The technology allows users to scroll through content on-screen simply by using their eyes. As users read, the device recognises these movements and scrolls the displayed content accordingly.