We spotted two Facebook campaigns using well-oiled vehicles this week. First up, it’s not the first matching tool we’ve seen, it won’t be the last; but this latest effort from Ben & Jerry’s has been brought to life with some charm.

To promote their new Greek frozen yoghurt range, they’ve created the Facebook app ‘Wanna Spoon’, which pledges to find a ‘spooning’ partner based on pretty much anything you have in common with Facebook friends – from having similarly named sisters, to mentioning similar content in posts, and of course, Likes and interests. Couples which are identified are then given a coupon to go and ‘share a spoon’ together. In fact if you prefer, you can just select to go with a good friend. It’s super-simple, and acts as a decent piece of Facebook page collateral.

Elsewhere, remember Intel’s creation last year, the Museum of Me which created a life story from a Facebook page? Well, they’ve done it again, this time called Me the Musical. It’s a jaunty animated sing-along story created from users’ timelines. Glee-ful. [Play].

These are but two worthy mentions when it comes to strategic use of social media channels. A lot more is happening across the globe in this sense.