Automation, Information, and Evolution: Key Takeaways from the Kochava Mobile Summit 2019

By Jonathan Yantz

The Kochava Mobile Summit is a unique three-day event, bringing together thought leaders in the mobile and digital space. Digital media decision-makers from all over USA gather to rigorously tackle important industry issues and decide on industry-wide solutions.  

This year, M&C Saatchi Performance’s own Associate Director of Media, Anika Maini, was invited to take part in a fireside chat distilling actionable insights on how to fight online fraud. Maini discussed how our business works to protect its clients and partners from this nefarious issue with the most nuanced possible strategies.

3 key themes from the Kochava Mobile Summit in Q1 2019:

  1. Know where to automate
  2. Intelligence use of data yields the best results
  3. Readiness to adapt and evolve tactics is crucial for success

Know Where to Automate

In the past, especially in social channels, it was down to marketers to make assumptions about their audiences and personalization techniques, for example, segmenting the category of “Mom” into “active mom” vs. “stay at home mom” vs. “mom with multiple kids.” The process of leveraging platforms and segmenting data, ensuring each group had their own creative and separate budgets, was a labor intensive and inefficient. In the words of Ian Hill, Instacart’s Marketing Manager, “Hyper-segmentation is no longer working as well as it used to – the machines are becoming smarter.”

Machine learning algorithms now exist allowing for previously manual, slow tasks to be made automatic and reactive, analysing more data across more platforms than was possible by the human touch. Unlike humans, machine platforms optimize 24/7 in real time, and thus are able to show ads that are increasingly relevant to more of the right groups.

Automation can, says Grant Cohen, GM of the Kochava collective, “perform better than ever when you really think you know your audience.”

Intelligence use of data yields the best results

While an obvious take home on the face of it, the Summit highlighted the ways that when under pressure to produce results, marketers may be too hasty with their actions and fail to listen to what their data is saying. What is clear is that in order to gain the best possible understanding of the customer and their journey to conversion, granular data analysis is required.

Chris Blair, Director of Agency Relations at Jampp noted that, “it’s crucial to fully understand your audience… For example, the incremental likelihood of a repeat order or the likely time of a consumer to convert to avoid organic cannibalization is so important.”

Data can tell you how long after seeing the first ad those individuals converted and that type of insight can be used to inform future marketing decisions. Alternatively, if someone is in a segment of your audience that has proven to purchase your product or service on repeat even without additional targeted ads, it would be better to move spend to other individuals who have not yet converted.

Adapt, Evolve, Be ready.

M&C Saatchi Performance’s Anika Maini also discussed the importance of agility when it comes to client solutions.  She said:

“For each advertiser, [M&C Saatchi Performance] will present a custom fraud solution based on their app size, category, and other factors, and we also share that with our partners – even putting it in our agreements with all partners so no one ever pays for suspicious activity from the start.”

Our business knows that there are no one size fits all solution, from meeting KPIs to fighting fraud, we tailor every solution to the needs of clients and to the demands of the landscape. Our readiness to take on changes, test, learn and constantly optimize, separates us from the competition and gives us the edge in our performance.

In the words of Maini, “we have to be vigilant and constantly dig into the data” and success will follow.

For more on machine learning, data analysis, and how M&C Saatchi Performance can help you meet your objectives, get in touch today.