App Store Optimisation Strategies To Boost Performance

App Store Optimisation Strategies To Boost Performance

Looking to optimise your app’s visibility and discoverability?

You need dedicated expertise in (ASO) App Store Optimisation to reach wider audiences, unlocking the true potential of your marketing investment.

What is (ASO) App Store Optimisation?

ASO is an effort directed towards optimising various elements within your app store listing to improve visibility in app store search results. This includes optimising your app’s title, keywords, description, screenshots, and even the app’s icon.

Basically, if done correctly, ASO can help your app to rank higher in search results, increase organic downloads, and ultimately improve your app’s performance.

In this guide, we will look at 5 organic ASO strategies to attract more organic downloads and visitors. 

Effective techniques to stand out in the app store

In today’s competitive app market, (ASO) App Store Optimisation can play a pivotal role in driving sustainable growth. We have listed down a few ASO strategies that will help your app rank higher in app stores. Let’s begin!

#1 Leverage Captivating Titles

Want to get more eyeballs? Ensure that your app title is 30 characters or less. We recommend maximising as much of the character space as possible as keywords in the title are prioritised. Additionally, using high volume keywords could play a key role in maximising your reach amongst audiences.

Tip: Consider including the app’s main benefit or unique feature in the title.

#2 Use the most relevant Keywords

To ensure improved search visibility, focus on conducting thorough keyword research to identify high-volume and relevant keywords for your app. You can use keyword research tools to gather valuable insights on the right search terms for your app.

It is also important to prioritise long-tail keywords that have moderate search volume but less competition, as they can provide targeted visibility.

You must also analyse competitor apps and identify the keywords they are ranking for to gain insights. Plus, make sure to experiment with different keyword variations to cover a broader range of user search queries. Repeating keywords on the google play store could also prove to be beneficial.

#3 Improve Engagement With Compelling App Visuals & Conduct A/B Tests for Optimisation

As a rule of thumb, focus on showcasing the app’s most compelling features and benefits in the first few screenshots to grab attention.

Always use high-quality screenshots that showcase your app’s features, functionality, and user interface. You can also create a compelling app preview video that effectively demonstrates the app’s core features and benefits.

If you want to continually improve your (ASO) app store optimisation strategy, you must test different variations of all graphical elements on your store front with a segment of your user base and gather feedback. Use these tips as a good starting point:

  • Test variations in colour, design, style, and text to find the most appealing and recognisable creatives.
  • Look out for key parameters such as user engagement and conversion rates to determine which creatives are performing better.

Tip: Use overlays or annotations on screenshots to highlight key functionalities or app usage scenarios. Additionally, ensure that the video is short (around 30 seconds) and focuses on demonstrating the app’s core value proposition. Consider user preferences, cultural relevance, and industry trends when designing alternative creatives.

#4 Expand Your App’s Reach With Custom Listings & Localisation

Optimise your app listing for multiple languages and regions to reach a wider audience. This includes:

  • Localising your app’s keywords, screenshots, and descriptions to match the language and culture of different target markets
  • Conducting comprehensive research to identify local trends, preferences, and popular search terms in each region
  • Collaborating with native speakers or professional translators to ensure accurate translations

#5 Focus on creating a persuasive App Description

Attention spans are at an all-time low. To make the most of your app description:

  • Write a persuasive and concise app description that clearly communicates your app’s value proposition
  • Highlight key features, benefits, and any unique selling points
  • Highlight social proof, such as user testimonials or awards, to build trust and credibility
  • Incorporate a call-to-action at the end of the description, encouraging users to download or try the app
  • Adding rich text (HTML) to Google Play’s long description can be a great way of grabbing attention.

Key Takeaways

Utilising the 5 (ASO) App Store Optimisation strategies allow you to maximise your app’s potential. Using any one approach or the other is not enough; you need the right blend of strategies to expand your app’s reach, depending on your target audience.

On the one hand, ASO ensures that your app is well-optimised for search algorithms, increasing its chances of being discovered by potential users. Meanwhile, using these ASO strategies in conjunction will help improve your app’s reach through targeted content, personalised keywords, A/B testing, and more.

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Over the years, we have assisted many leading apps in achieving enhanced visibility, improved rankings, and increased organic downloads. Our approach involves tailoring ASO strategies to suit your unique app, incorporating extensive research and analysis to develop a customised plan that yields optimal outcomes.

We’ve supported several brands in their ASO strategy. We did it for them, we’ll do it for you.

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